My l-o-n-g week...and THE doll!

I had the l-o-n-g-e-s-t week ever!
So my sincere apologies for not posting earlier this week and wishing all my Blogger friends in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving!
I know we aren't celebrating here in Canada (although, to tell you the truth, I could really use a few days off to spend with my family - who doesn't like that?) I am hoping that all of you are enjoying the weekend...and any Black Friday shopping (again....jealous!).

I am so very thankful for the wonderful friends I have made over the past year.  We not only share the same profession but we have so many other things in common and we just "click".
It's so nice having such great friends!
My husband and I were away last weekend in Chicago with his partners from work and their wives.
What a beautiful city!!!
I've never been there before but I had the best.time.ever!
The shopping is, by far, much better than here! 
I HAD to buy my daughter an American Girl.
I first discovered this store last summer when we were in NYC.  Honestly, I thought it wasn't real.  We were making our way through the 8 levels of the store only to find a "Doll Hospital" (if your doll's arm, say, falls off!), a "Hair Salon" where for just $20 you can give your doll a full hair do, and an entire section devoted to shoes....for the DOLL!
But I totally got suckered in this time while I was walking through the Chicago store....don't judge me, please! HA!
I found a doll that looks JUST LIKE my daughter and, since she's now 4, I thought she would love it (she better since it wasn't cheap!).
Her face absolutely lit up when I gave it to her and it's now become her best friend.
(Thank goodness or my husband would really have killed me for buying it!)
Anyways, back to my week.  So after returning from that great weekend getaway, I was beat!
And I had to go straight back to work.
And I'm still beat from the weekend!
But to top it off, last night at school was Parent-Teacher interviews.  I stayed until nearly 9:30 last night so today was H.A.R.D to get through!
I'm so very glad it's the weekend!
Here's a look at what we did this week.  We're just about done with our Bear theme.  I loved teaching my kinders about Bears!
Sight word practice
Beginning sounds
My kinders LOVE these type of games....spin, count and colour!
Identifying shapes
Completing our own Brown Bear book by filling in the missing colour words.
(I have had this booklet for years, don't know where it originated from, so if you do, please let me know so I can give credit!)
My JK's are getting really good at reading sight words!
I had them practice with this emergent reader I made.  They circled the sight word "little" and coloured the bear the matching colour.
They were so excited when they got to 'read' it to a friend!
Here is a picture of all the Kindergarten teachers dressed up in pajamas for our Teddy Bear Picnic last week.  I work with amazing ladies....Mrs. Linigari, Mrs. Parisi, and Ms. Laface.
It's so nice going to work and having wonderful friends to spend the day with!
You can find all of these activities (except the Brown Bear fill-in-the-blank booklet) in my Bears Literacy and Math Activities unit on TpT.
Fill you shopping carts on TpT and get ready for Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) this coming week!
Everything in my store will be 20% with an additional 10% off (for a total of 28% off!) by using code CMT12.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. I love the American Girl Dolls!! Your daughter will be so excited! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. My daughters had their own dolls and now they have passed them on to their daughters. I started my granddaughters on the Bitty Babies before moving on to the full American Girl Dolls. They are both retired (the dolls) so we treasure them even more. I personally love dolls anyway. I have never had the pleasure of visiting Canada. Hope to someday. I do love Chicago (more than New York). Thank you for all the work you share. I feel personally connected to all the blogging teachers. Thank you

  3. yes, my girls always loved the American Girl dolls and Kara my oldest who is now 15 still has her out on display in her room! great post-i love your bears unit-it's awesome and yes I have it! my kids also love it!

  4. You sound like me with my dd's My Twin doll, which I went through everything to acquire when that company was going under. She was my now 15-year-old dd's best friend for a long time and the only doll that she ever spent much of her time on (she's an animal girl) She dressed to match the doll and our friends at our favorite Chinese restaurant still ask about the doll! We also have the AG Kaya and she's so special because her face mold isn't like the others.

    Donna W.

  5. I love the doll!!!! I had one when I was little!! So glad you got it for your daughter!

  6. We also gave our daughter one of those American Girl dolls, and she absolutely adores it. She named it “Milli” after her favorite cartoon Team Umizoomi. She even asked my wife to make a dress out of our excess pink fabric to make it look like Milli. As loving parents, we granted her wish. She looked so happy when she saw her doll all dressed up – and that was a priceless treasure for us.


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