Cyber Monday {and Tuesday} sale

I am sooo jealous of all of you who got to enjoy deep discounts and savings for Black Friday.
There is no such thing as Black Friday in Canada.
Well, let me refresh that...
stores here "say" they are having Black Friday sales but that usually means just saving the tax, no big-time savings let me tell you!
Thank you, Ashley, for creating this cute image!
So that's why I am so excited and am gearing up for Cyber Monday tomorrow!
I'm joining in on the TpT sale by offering all of my items 20% off both Monday and Tuesday.
And if you use the coupon code "CMT12" at checkout you will get an additional 10% off!
It's full of lots of fun things for the holidays!
And if you are looking for other ideas for the winter months, be sure to check out these fun things I created!
My Winter Wonderland unit was on the Best-Sellers list last winter for 3-weeks in a row!
 And my best-selling Write the Room - The Complete Set (which includes both a Christmas and Winter Write the Room activity plus LOTS more!) will also be on sale for an incredible price!
I'm definitely not going to miss out on this big I'm off to fill my shopping cart on TpT!
Happy shopping! 

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  1. Hey friend! I was able to get in on some good TpT finds for cyber Monday too! I'm excited to put it all to good use
    We're doing the pizza unit this week...the kids are loving it! I might have to carry over to next of my high school friends and college roommate's father passed so I'll be going to the funeral tomorrow. I can't expect a sub to make pizza with 21 kiddos and finish centers.
    Just wanted to stop in and say howdy!


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