Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so excited that this weekend is a 3-day weekend for us here in Canada!
It's Thanksgiving!
I love this holiday so much because, yes, you guessed it, the FOOD!
I always host Thanksgiving at my house and this year I bought extra bacon to wrap our turkey with - have you ever tried a turkey cooked for hours surrounded by bacon?
It's D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.!!!
On to what we did in our classroom this week....
We went to the Pumpkin Patch and had so much fun playing in the hay stack, going on a wagon ride and learning about pumpkins!
We got ready for Thanksgiving by making some fun crafts.
Here is our turkey card for our family.
 This is the card my little JK's made.  They glued those leaves on all by themselves!
The JK's also painted and assembled this handprint turkey.
We talked about the meaning of a cornucopia and "filled" ours with pictures from the grocery store flyers.
The students in my class love playing with playdough so when I put out these turkey playdough mats they went crazy!
They had to roll out a specific number of feathers for each turkey.
These were created by my teaching partner, Mrs. Parisi.
(Sorry the picture is sideways!  I couldn't get it to turn!)
You can get the turkey mats here.
 Do you sing this song with your class on Thanksgiving?
It's so cute!
This is one of those poems I have had from day one of teaching and I don't know where/who it came from!
If you know, please let me know so that I can give that person credit!
Click on the picture for your free download.
(Clip art by DJ Inkers)

I wanted to show some pictures of the rest of the learning going on in our kindergarten class this week.

We learned about the pumpkin life cycle and created this craft to help us remember and retell it.
(This idea was done last fall at my daughter's school by her teacher, Mrs. DiGirolamo.  Being a teacher, I keep everything that is not only adorable but educational, to recreate!)
The download for this activity came from
A to Z Teacher Stuff.
I realized after that I forgot to take a picture of a completed one (the picture above is a work in progress) but the students coloured, cut and glued the pictures onto the "vine" (green ribbon) and as they retold the life cycle they put the pieces into the pumpkin.
On the back they created a Jack-o-Lantern.

The JK's also made their own pumpkin life cycle activity (a little simpler and easier to retell).
This activity is also from A to Z Teacher Stuff.

Our Write the Room activity was changed to apples and here a student is copying all the words she reads.
I hide them everywhere around the room!
You can find this activity here or you can get my Write the Room activities for a whole year (with 25 themes) here.

Here are our two focus poems for the month of October.

We have had a great week and I know that everyone deserves a long weekend!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating this weekend!



  1. YAY! Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    I can smell the bacon wrapped turkey aaaaaaaallll the way here in Colorado. : )
    Enjoy your family and long weekend.
    Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! It is one of my favorite holidays! And I love the 5 day Holiday that it offers us in November! Not to mention, every few years my birthday happens to be celebrated with a big ol' family feast and a turkey in the middle of the table. :)


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