Bye bye September, hello October!

Hello October!
I can't believe how fast our school year is moving along!
We have a very busy month ahead of us...
this week we are going on our first field trip to Downey pumpkin patch.  It will be so much fun!
We are wrapping up our September units and starting our unit on Pumpkins!
I am teaming up with my teaching partner (and great friend), Mrs. Parisi, to create a Pumpkin Unit to be posted on TpT later on this week.
Stay tuned!
In the meantime, look at what we have been up to!
We finished learning about our September sight words by completing this fun activity from my ABC's and 123's unit.
This was our Pocket Chart story for the week.  The JK students had to read the sentence and match the colour of the apple.  The SK students had to complete the worksheet by filling in the missing sight word "am".
You can find this and other pocket chart activities in my
Here's how I store my worksheets beside my pocket chart for easy access.  I keep pencils, erasers and pencil crayons to help the students fill in the worksheet.
I have the best volunteer that assists in my classroom each Tuesday and Thursday.  Here is Ms. Josie making poetry cards for each letter of the alphabet.  They correspond to
I love the poems!  Ms. Josie is so talented!  I can't draw at all! HA!
(Sorry - I have no idea why the picture is rotated!  I can't seem to fix it either!)
I have had a lot of e-mails asking how I store the worksheets from my centres and when I send them home.
After my students complete a worksheet during centre time, they put it in the "Finished Bin" (which is just a coloured basket on my shelf). 
I go through them quickly at the end of the day and file them away in each student's file (which is just a file folder in my filing cabinet).  At the end of each month, I staple all of the worksheets together and have students complete this monthly cover page.  I then put this packet into a twin pocket folder which I call my Centre Work folder.  I send this home at the end of the year.
My teaching partner, Mrs. Parisi, created these monthly worksheets which I love! 
They are from her Kindergarten Memory Book
(and they can easily be used for Pre-K and Grade 1 too!).
The students draw a picture of themselves and write their name on the bottom.  It's a great way to see how much they improve month after month!
(And I love that it serves as a title page to everything we have been learning about in that month).
See, now you have an easy and great way to organize all of those loose papers each month!
Just a reminder that everything in my TpT store is on sale 20% off only until midnight tonight!  Hurry over!
Coming up this week.....pumpkin fun!
Happy October!


  1. I have a question about the pocket chart set. I keep looking at it and have a couple of questions. Do you use sentence strips or print out the words? So the students are putting the correct color ball or item to match the sentence? reading it then filling out the worksheet? I am a first year teacher and I am figuring out stations..and so far what I have put in my pocket chart they have loved. It would be nice to have set already done for me which is why I am looking at your set. I have also bought several of your write the room packs and they love it! I was already suprised to see how much better their writing was with the apple vs the school buses! Thanks for your help! Traci

    1. Hi Traci! I actually print out the words and glue them onto sentence strips (you don't have to do it this way, I just like how it looks, you can write them with marker directly on the sentence strips). I have included the words ready to print/cut/glue onto sentence strips in my packet. Yes, they read it first, match the picture to the sentence (at first it is just colour words then I make it more difficult such as Things That Go - car, truck, plane, etc.). The ones that are able complete the accompanying worksheet which focuses on writing/circling sight words, reading the colour words and colouring in the correct colour. BTW - all of the things on TpT that I sell are with American spelling :) Hope this helps! You can always e-mail me at

    2. Thank you Alessia! I bought it and printed it!

    3. Alessia,

      I was so excited about your pocket chart packet I had to tell you about it! My kids did the pumpkin one first..and I put up the bat one on Friday afterschool for Monday. My kids noticed it first thing this morning and I had four kids begging to do it at station time!!! WAHOOOO!!! I know that my kids will love the rest of the months. Another teacher in my group wants it and I plan on purchasing a second license for her today so she can use it too! Thanks again!

    4. Hi Traci! That's so great to hear! I just love literacy centre activities where my kids actually WANT to do them (and they are learning at the same time!). Thanks for letting me know - put a big smile on my face. Glad to help out!

    5. Hmm. They only way to share it is to buy the license ahead of time?


  2. Your poetry cards for Kim's poems are so cute! I love using those poems in my classroom. Your unit looks great! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  3. too cute!!!! i love the memory book-i'm going to get it! we are going on our first field trip this week also-to the cotton gin. :) i will post pics.ever been to a cotton gin? well,i'll have to tell you all about it! have a great week!how do i get the cute blog page design like you and everyone has? :) did you design it or have it made up? leigh ann :)

  4. btw bought the pocket chart pocket also! can't wait to print it up at school tomorrow. :)

    1. Hey Leigh Ann! I'm trying to message you on Facebook but I'm having no luck. E-mail me at I would love to be in touch! :)


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