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Greetings new friends! I am Crystal from Kreative in Kinder! I am so excited to guest blog for you. 

One of my favorite thing to teach is Writer's Workshop. I love creating Interactive Writing charts with my students. This is a great foundation for creating informational pieces of writing. This is an example of our writing towards the end of the year. We first finished up our unit on creating “How To” pieces of writing and have moved on to “All About” books. We had been studying insects, specifically ladybugs.  After reading about ladybugs, we created this Interactive Writing chart together.

The students wrote in the text and then each added their own ladybug art. I like for everyone to participate in some way. Then, all students have ownership over our work in the classroom.  The next day, I taught my students what the word fact meant. I told them that it is something that is true and can be proven. Then, we talked about how we would write a book using facts. I modeled this by creating an “All About Ladybugs” book. Here is my chart example.

Then, they took each selected a different topic to write about and used this paper to create their draft. Click to download. J

After they filled out this page correctly, they took this information and created a three page book. 

(This is my favorite, lol)
 I was so impressed with how well my students did. They really understood what a fact was and why it was an important part of writing an informational piece.to teach the reader something. J I really have enjoyed all of our writing adventures last year. It amazes me to look back over a year to see how far they really can go when writing in Kindergarten. They can reach the bar so don't be afraid to set it high. They are little sponges and we are passing out the water. 

I hope you have a great school year! Come by my blog for other writing tips and freebies.


  1. Great lesson. I emailed it to myself at school so I remember to use it in Writer's Workshop this year. Love the visuals for the kids.

    Cialini Chat

  2. I am soooo happy to finally come across a Canadian Blogger. I have been teaching a JK/SK alternate day Kindergarten for 3 years and totally love it. This year I am at a new school in Markham with a SK/Grade 1 split. I am excited and think it will be easy to blend the two. Most posts we see from the States don't have the play centres integrated into the day. Another point is that my new school is one of the new FDK (full day kindergarten) classrooms. I really like how you explain the literacy integration with the centres. Couple questions: Do you students go to big play centres all day or as I did in the past - only at the end of the day? Also, when does your school convert over to full day?


    1. Hi Kim! Nice to "meet" another Canadian teacher! I teach in Woodbridge (not far from you!) and this year I will be teaching a SK class on one day and a JK/SK split on the other day (we are still full day/alternate day kindergarten). We will be getting Full Day Kindergarten (ELKP) next September. I have centres during the day - literacy in the morning and math in the afternoon. My "big" play centres (like house, bins, blocks, etc.) are open as a centre option to one group at a time after they complete their math activity in the afternoon because these are such noisy centres! I have my other centres, like writing, pocket chart, write the room, etc. in the morning as an option after morning bins are complete because these are quiet. Hope this helps! Check back soon to see pics of my classroom and more on Literacy Centres 101.


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