Please welcome...Tanya from Ms. Solano's Kindergarten

I gotta go back, back, back to schoo-oooool! 
Greetings!  I’m Tanya from Ms. Solano’s Kindergarten and I can’t tell you how happy I’m to be guest blogging for my BBB {Best Blogging Buddy} while she’s away on a wonderful family vacation.

Within the next couple of weeks, most of us will be back to school {with kids}.  When I hear those three little words it kinds makes wish for a grand entrance like this:

It would just kick start the school year.  Don’t ya think?

Anyway.  I like most teachers have an intense love for going back to school.  Weird you say?  Let’s just see how many of you nod your head and sigh with agreement when I say {or type}...

opening that first brand new box of perfectly sharpened crayons

your best bulletin board date

crisp, never opened composition books

the deal of a lifetime~twenty-five folders for $1...with brads no less

brand new, never touched by little hands Mr. Sketch markers {admit it, you’re im agining taking the lid off of the brown marker and inhaling deeply right now, it’s okay}

bragging enthusiastically sharing about the wonderful time you had at the I Teach K conference in Vegas

My list can go on and on.  But as teachers, we tend to get wrapped up in all the B2S hustle and bustle by thinking of our administration, the upcoming families, and the twenty something littles that will be entering our lives and hearts for the next nine months, that we tend to forget about the Queen Bee, the Big Kahuna, the Top Dawg, la jefita {pronounced Hefita, the boss in spanish} bottom line: US.

So.  I want to know what you do {for yourself} to get ready for back to school?  This is what I do to kinda pump myself up for BACK TO SCHOOL:

I have to have a new bag.  It doesn’t matter where it comes from.  If my son gets a new does momma : )  On that note - I recently became a member of Little Black Bag.  OH.MY.GOODNESS.  In love with this site.
I hit the mall a few times to cash in on those 60-80% off deals and get a few outfits to get me through the fabulous Colorado fall.

I treat myself to new face moisturizer and eye cream.  These are my faves:

I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I cannot live without mascara and some color on my cheeks.  So I get these:

I'm not a mani/pedi kind of gal so I just make sure my cuticles are well moisturized.

{I am not getting any kick backs from Philosophy, Kiehl’s, Almay, or Stainiac.  These are just the things that make me feel fresh, young, and ready to face a room fu ll of 5 year olds}

Although my car is still pretty new, I take her in to get detailed.

I stock my classroom mini fridge with Starbucks iced coffee, Fresca {citrus flavor}, Coke, cheese sticks, turkey lunchables, and a bag of mini carrots.  I stock my closet with yummy chocolatey snacks, crackers, nuts, and dried fruit.

I buy a new pair of slippers to wear in the classroom {I love going in my bare feet so my feet and I are enemies the first few weeks of school}.

Finally, I make sure I’m in bed by 9. Eat right. And during the school year I treat myself once a month to a small reward.

In honor of YOU, the Big Kahuna, Queen Bee, la Jefita...I am giving away two of these babies worth $25 each to two lucky winners.

You don’t have to become a follower or like my facebook page.  I simply want you to leave a comment about what you do for yourself to get ready for back to school on my blog.  

The lucky winners cannot, I repeat CANNOT use these gift cards to purchase a si ngle marker, a pad of paper, or border for your bulletin board.  You have to pinky promise you will use these gift cards for you and you alone : )

One lucky winner will receive this fantastic Lotsa Dots Cinch Thermal from Thirty-one.
Here’s to a WONDERFUL school year to each and everyone of my friends!



  1. I always organize my closet at home in sections by color. It lasts about a month, but it makes me feel good when its all organized and looking nice. I usually get my hair done and a new pedicure too, cause you know those little firsties are staring at my feet as I read to them. Buying new outfits goes without saying! I like the idea of a mini fridge! I may have to invest in one. The teacher's room fridge is never clean. I stock up on Fiber One Bars and 100 calorie snacks to get me through the afternoon, too. And most important.....K cups for caffine!
    Have a GREAT year and thanks for the giveaway chance.

    Cialini Chat

  2. Hello Tanya -
    Just joined the world of blogging recently and can't seem to put my lap top down.

    I don't have a lot of things I do to pamper myself at BTS time, but I do enjoy:

    A fresh color, highlight, and cut at a local salon.

    I give myself a pedicure using my school's colors (royal blue and white). My kiddos think this is a hoot. I love to add details to my toenails as well so I am going to top off the royal blue with a black and white plaid.

    Going to the teacher store is a treat to me and I usually only go once a year. I love buying new borders, an activity or two, and some fun stickers (as well as an entire bag of other must-have items.) :)

    This year I ordered myself 3 new pairs of shoes. I am a huge fan of Crocs and they have some fun new styles that actually look like dressy little sandals. Sooooo comfy!

    Hope your BTS time runs smoothly!


  3. I love your back to school routine! My favorite thing that I do to get myself ready for a new year is buying a few new things to pants, black shoes, cute jewelry, and versatile pieces that will coordinate with what I already have. Simple, but essential.

    Have a good year!

  4. Hi Tanya!
    I just ordered a new 31 school bag and matching lunch bag for back to school! Can't wait to use it! Have a great year!

  5. Hi Tanya!
    I like to get a fresh highlight and haircut and I try to get my house cleaned from top to bottom, because once school starts, it tends to be a little neglected for awhile! :) Here's to a great year!


  6. I haven't really done anything special for going back to school before. But this year, I feel compelled to get my house organized before school starts. With three kids (two of them in school this year) and working, my house is a disaster all the time. I hope having it organized will help...a little bit. :)

    Wishing everyone a wonderful beginning to the school year!

  7. Loved this post! It IS important to take care of ourselves:-) I enjoy a pedicure with my daughter (who has gone off to college) right before school. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I enjoy organizing/color coding my closet and office supplies before I go back to school! Thanks for the chance to win!


  9. I enjoy baking pies and cookies!

    Thanks for my chance of winning!

  10. Oh gosh, I have bought myself some new clothes, a new Coach bag and some wonderful smelling lotion/spray/shower gel-it is Amazing Grace! Have you tried that? I love it and it smells soooo good. Anyway, I of course have some more things I need to buy! Thanks for the awesome giveaway-I already follow you and your facebook and store! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I usually buy some new school clothes, but it wasn't in the budget this year. So I got a pedicure instead! Have a great year!

  12. I definitely spend more time with my family, I buy new clothes and shoes, I get a pedi, and I read. Thanks for the opportunity! By the way, I follow your blog and ENJOY reading your fab ideas!!


  13. I buy some new clothes, a comfortable pair of fall shoes, go out to lunch with friends, read, and get my hair cut.

  14. I usually get a pedi and my hair highlighted (besides getting a couple of new outfits). This year I also got a new school bag- Vera Bradley- the print makes me happy!

    ~ Amy

  15. I actually spent the first couple weeks of August back in my classroom - totally reorganizing - it is soooo nice. As for treating myself, I sure like to get a new pair of shoes as kindergarten teachers rarely see a chair very often. I am a brand-new grandma, so had to spent time & $ on my sweetie - which means I get put on hold. (totally worth it!) Thanks for the fun give-away. Have a great year.

  16. Hi!

    I try to get my house clean & organized before I go back to school. I don't know why; it just gives me twice the work, because then I have to clean & organize my classroom. I also get a pedicure, a haircut (trim) and a few new pieces of clothing. Most important of all, I try to ready myself mentally to go back to school!
    I would love to win any of the prizes in this give-away!


  17. I go to Chateau Elan the weekend before I have to report to work. I have a massage and a facial. It is a lovely weekend!

    I would love to start my year off with one of the prizes too! I hope you have a great school year!


  18. I should so do something to relax and get ready for those 24 kinder kiddos to arrive. Alas, I try and cook up a few days of dinners and get my hair highlighted.
    Your idea of bringing a pair of slipper to school is the best ever.
    Even if I do't win...which I never do...I my feet won a pair of slippers.

  19. Love your blog and this giveaway! I will "get my hair did"....I feel all the teachers cringing at those words already. They were even hard to type. :) I'll also get my nails done.


  20. I always buy myself a new outfit...and some shoes. I am definitely going to stock my closet full of goodies to snack on! I love this giveaway. Thanks!

    A BLT adventure

  21. I bought myself some new clothes and new shoes. I get my hair done and paint my own toenails!


    The Kindergarten Teacher

  22. I treat myself to new outfits for school. Thanks for sharing the Little Black Bag site...I'm addicted now!

  23. I usually get a new outfit or a new piece of jewelry to start the year! We have to take care of ourselves, right??
    You are very sweet to have this giveaway! I hope you have a wonderful school year and I am going to try that eye cream!!
    Thanks again!

  24. I love the blog post - Life got in the way so buying anything new for myself (before heading back to school) is out of the question but I am looking forward to all the new goodies waiting for me and my co-teacher in our classroom next week - I (also) love Fresca and keep a stash in my room -

    Here's to a successful and fun 2012-13 school year!!



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