My first week!

Oh what a week!  I just love all of my students (I teach full day, alternate day kindergarten so I have 2 classes).  I haven't been in a classroom in over a year (yes, I loved every minute of my maternity leave) so I felt so overwhelmed (and tired!) the first few days back.  It's funny, though, that once I got in the swing of things it feels as though I never left!

I wanted to share with you a bulletin board that I put up outside my classroom.  It was an idea my BFF (and another kindergarten teacher!) Anna Aquino helped me create when I first started teaching.  Yes, these crayons are old but I do try to keep them in good shape!  They are made from water bottles.

So I do apologize for not keeping as up to date as I would like on my little blog but, as many of you know, the first week back is EXHAUSTING (and, yes, I went to bed at 9!). 


  1. Super cute 3D crayons! How fun for a classroom. I can relate to the exhaustion!!!!

  2. I LOVE these Crayons! What a neat idea! I look forward to the file and the how-to on them as well!


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