The Final Countdown

This is it....the final countdown!
Yes, I only have 6 more days until I'm back at work!  Hard to believe how fast this year off went (oh, how I loved my maternity leave!).  I am getting more nervous by the day!

Here's the bad news....these are pictures of my classroom status as of Monday, the last time I was at's not pretty.

That little person you see is my daughter.  I brought her with me to help....well I moved at a much slower pace then I thought but at least she had fun!

Not all of that furniture (and other stuff) in there is mine.  You see, my class was used as a storage room last year and this summer.  The KG classes across the hall housed summer day camp until this past Monday so the furniture came out of those rooms and was placed (ever so neatly, right? HA!) into mine.  I did manage to put up fabric onto my bulletin boards (thanks for the idea Julie Lee) but that was a sight to see!  I was climbing over furniture - I have scratch marks to prove it!

So needless to say, I am feeling VERY overwhelmed.  I have only tomorrow and Friday to prep my class for Tuesday morning (Monday is a holiday here in Canada - Labour Day).  I'm going in bright and early tomorrow and my poor family probably won't see me until late Friday night!  Ha!

Wish me luck!

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  1. You're making progress. I was back out at my class today for a few hours. We're going away on a family trip tomorrow until Saturday, so that only leaves me Sunday and Monday to finish my class. I always say I'll finish early so I can enjoy the long weekend, but alas ... I never ever do.

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