Weekly Plans - Week 27 (Mar. 25-29)

This week coming up is definitely one of my favourite times of the year - Holy Week!
We have planned many activities that focus on Easter (religious and non-religious) for our students.
We will be making these beautiful Easter cards for our families using a technique where marbles are rolled around in paint.

This is our craft - a simple Easter cross with gems.

We will be listening to many Easter stories including this book, Benjamin's Box, which is one of my favourites!
We use Resurrection Eggs to retell the story. It's always a hit in our class!

We will also be reenacting the Last Supper by sharing bread and grape juice.
Students will be creating these rip art pictures.

We will also be retelling the Easter story using these picture cards.

You can find all of the above (and so much more!) in my Catholic Religion Activities - Ash Wednesday, Lent & Holy Week (Easter) pack.

Here's a look at our centres this week:

Can you use loose parts to decorate the Easter egg in the Tuff Tray?

Can you create your own Easter game?
We left out various dice, a timer, tweezers, small Easter baskets and a box full of plastic carrots.

Retell the Easter Bunny poem at the Felt Board or make up your own!

We set up an Easter village at the Small World Play Centre.

Let's play a game of Easter Tic-Tac-Toe!

Use the loose parts to decorate the Easter pictures at the Light Table.

We are even playing one of our favourite games - Headbands - with an Easter twist!

We are continuing our inquiry on magnets this week...can you use the magnets to move the items in the bottle? Some are magnetic and others are not!

Play "Find It! Spring" at the Pocket Chart Centre.

Can you stack the bunnies?

Choose a jellybean. Open it and sound out the CVC word. Write the word on your paper and colour the jellybean to match!
You can also put these inside plastic Easter eggs!
Download this activity for FREE by clicking below.

To practice letters/sounds we will be playing the game "Crash" in small groups this week!

To continue to practice or sight words, we will be playing "Crack! An Easter Sight Word Game".

The students needing a little extra support with fine motor skills will be working on cutting skills this week.
You can find all of these templates in my Fine Motor - Cut It! pack in my TpT store (click below).

We are continuing with our story telling unit in writing. The students have been loving this!
We use my Story Writing template which clearly outlines step by step how to think of a story.
This week we will continue using this and I will also introduce the app called "My Story" to the students, which allows them to draw and design their story, even add voice, to bring it to life!

In math, our focus continues to be 3D figures. We left out these foam 3D figures at the Math Centre for students to use and construct different things.

Our Year 2 students will be creating riddle books for our Year 1 friends entitled, "What Am I?"
Choose a 3D figure. Give clues - describe it and list some examples.
Can you guess what 3D figure is hiding underneath?

You can find these fun activities in my 3D Figures/Shapes pack in my TpT store.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

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