Weekly Plans - Week 21 (Feb. 5-9)

It's February!
This month has so many fun celebrations - Valentine's Day, Carnival/Carnevale, Lunar New Year, Shrove Tuesday/Ash Wednesday and our grade 1 friends are celebrating the 100th day of school!
Oh, and the Scholastic Book Fair will be arriving in the next few weeks also!!!

Here's a look at our centres this week:

Our poem this week is called I Like Hearts.
I set up this retell centre at the Felt Board.

We will also be making Valentine's Day cards to give to our families!
They are very simple - we will use our fingerprints to decorate around the heart!

Our Arctic Inquiry is still going very strong! Students are continuing to research their animal and use the overhead to draw it. We will be adding these to our large mural in the hallway.
We set out clay and paper plates for students to create an Arctic scene or animal.

We will also be going on a virtual field trip to the Arctic!

How can you count? We left out loose parts perfect for Valentine's Day along with tweezers and heart ice cube trays.

A few years ago a student donated this game to the class - it's called Mental Blox and it's so popular!

I found these Valentine tic-tac-toe games at Dollarama a few years ago. We left them out at the light table.

Students can work together to make a large heart! They can use the cut up tissue paper squares to roll and glue on.

We will be working on our Valentine's Day bags! Students can write their name and decorate it however they would like. Next week all of their cards will go inside!

At our Games Centre, we put out Pop'N'Drop Penguins, another fun game that was donated a few years ago.

We've been working a lot on ways to make a number so I left out these "Making 5" and "Making 10" mats from my Decomposing Numbers in Kindergarten pack at our Math Centre.

This week our focus in math is on Fair Share (and a simple introduction to fractions!). The Minister of Education spoke about a revamp of the FDK Program just over a week ago and mentioned now teaching fractions. We already do! It's part of this fun unit and laid out in such a simple and easy manner - all hands-on and play-based!

Here are a few of our lessons/activities/centres for this week!

What does it mean to share fairly? We will be introducing the words even and odd by using cookies!
In our math intervention small group we will use this game to reinforce the concept of fair share.

What does equal mean? Using Unifix cubes, students will show an equal amount.

What is a fraction? We will be learning about half/halves!
I like having students use a Popsicle stick to show where half is.

The story The Doorbell Rang is perfect for teaching fractions!
We will be learning what the word remainder means.

All of the above activities/lessons/centres, as well as a complete 1-week detailed plans, come from my Fair Share (An Introduction to Fractions) Kindergarten Math Unit in my TpT store.

I also have this available as a digital (Google Slides) download!

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

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