Weekly Plans - Week 19 (Jan. 22-26)

Our Arctic Inquiry is off to a great start! For the past few weeks, students have been very interested in playing and learning about all the different Arctic animals. So we formed research groups last week and will begin looking through books and checking out websites to help us gather more information.
I did an Arctic inquiry several years ago if you'd like to read more about it and download these research papers for FREE - Click HERE.
Here's a look at our centres this week:

Can you build a trap for the snowman?

Let's explore magnets in ice! We froze ice cubes with small magnet pieces inside for students to look closely and explore.

At our Game Table, we set up "Snowman Cover Up" where students roll a die and cover that number.

Sort the cards by syllables!

You can find the syllable sorting activity, as well as the Snowman Cover Up Game, in my "Let's Play! Winter" pack in my TpT store.

At our Felt Board, students can retell the story "The Snowy Day".

Can you make a winter pattern? I cut rectangular pieces of felt to make these pattern strips.

We added wood pellets to our Sensory Bin along with various measuring cups and bowls and ladles.

I moved our Winter Vocabulary chart to the Writing Centre, along with our sentence strips, should students want to draw/write about anything winter!
You can find my Winter Vocabulary Chart in my Writing Center Posters pack in my TpT store.

The sentence strips are from my "I Can Write! #1" pack.

We follow these writing lessons weekly.
I've just started "I Can Write! #2" where this week we will be learning all about postcards!
I will be bringing in a few examples of postcards I have sent or received and show students how to create their own!

Last week we wrapped up our Graphing Unit.
I added a variety of graphs to our Math Centre for students to survey their friends.

At our Pocket Chart Centre, I added the game "Find It! Winter".
Students can read a sight word and try and find the hidden snowman behind one of the cards.

In our Fine Motor Small Group Mini Lessons group, Mrs. Petrone (DECE) prepped these fun paper plate hearts to lace! I can't wait to hand them up for Valentine's Day!

In our Sight Words/Word Work Small Group Mini Lessons Group I will be working with students to build VC and CVC words by playing this fun game - "The Mixed Up Cookies".
Students reach in and choose 1-2 consonant cookies. Using a vowel cookie, they try and build a word!
There are various CVC posters included as well.

This week in math we are moving on to Composing Numbers.
We will be working with students, showing them how to put numbers together to build a larger number!
Students will learn the words "and" and "make" (i.e. 3 and 2 make 5)
We will also be playing a Shake and Spill game!

To check out more ideas and activities on Composing Numbers, click on the picture below!

Our religion lesson this week is all about how God is actually made up of three parts: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
We will be creating our own Trinity Snowman! 

I prepped a few games to play also (just in case it is indoor recess which it has been for nearly two weeks! AHHHH!).

I project this large Cartesian Plane on my Interactive Whiteboard. Students choose a co-ordinate (letter and number) and find the corresponding square. We slide the box over and reveal what's underneath!
Can we find all of the hidden pictures?

Students can roll the Winter Action Dice and do that activity!
This is a free download from Life Over C's blog.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

Have a great week!

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