Weekly Plans - Week 13 (Nov. 27-Dec. 1)

Can you believe it's already December 1st at the end of this coming week?
The Christmas buzz is certainly in the air in our classroom!
We thought about adding a lot of provocations and invitations focusing on Christmas!

Here's what we planned at our centres for this week:

A simple alphabet puzzle set out for children to explore.

Can you create a pattern?

Create a 2D shapes picture!

Choose a sight word card. Trace it in the sand tray.

Our math lessons this week focus on 2D shapes.
With our Math: Problem Solving small group we will be using materials to make shapes (focusing on sides and corners).

Our Math: Intervention group will be working on identifying shapes by playing this Roll and Cover 2D shapes game. Roll the shape die and cover the shape on your game board.

One of my math lessons this week was to go on a shape hunt around our classroom! We used these shape pointers to search the classroom for 2D shapes!

Can you make a square turn into a triangle? We explored how shapes have other hidden shapes inside of them!

Is it a triangle? Let's count the sides and sort the shapes!

If you're looking for lessons, hands-on activities and follow up ideas, check out my 2D Shapes in Kindergarten Pack in my TpT store.
All of our math lessons and small group activities this week (and next) will come from here!

In our journal this week, we will be using our knowledge of shapes to draw things we see at Christmas time! We brainstormed together as a class first.

At the play dough centre, we added Christmas cookie cutters.

In our Fine Motor small group mini lesson, we will be using these large push pins (from Staples) along with these tree pictures on cork boards to push through! Great activity that focuses on students using those small muscles in their fingers and hands to strengthen them.

You can find more pictures to use for poking in my Fine Motor Skills - Poke It! pack.

This is one of my favourite invitations to set out at the Science and Discovery Centre each year. Each small jar has different spices in it (cinnamon, cloves, etc.). We have students smell and discuss if they recognize them or like them.
We will be adding a recording sheet the following week to this.
To see how we have done this in the past (and get your own FREE recording sheet!) click HERE.

In our sensory bin, we added green and red pasta and filled it with Christmas trinkets. We left the various measuring spoons/cups on the shelf for students to explore.

Our Christmas present for our families is nearly done (I'll share more about that soon!) but this coming week we will be making our own wrapping paper!
I like to use large foam stencils (I've had these for years but they still sell them at Michaels and sometimes you can even find them at Dollarama!). We will be stamping these large papers as our wrapping paper!

Since our lesson last week was on labelling stickers, I added a bunch of small picture cut outs as the labelling recording sheet to the Writing Centre.

You can find this activity in my I Can Write #1 pack in my TpT store.

At our light table we set out the very fun "Roll-a-Santa" game!
You can find this game, and a bunch that are very similar, in my Fun With Dice pack in my TpT store.

We will be learning all about Advent because on Sunday, December 3, it is the first day of Advent! During out religion block this week, our students will be making these individual Advent wreaths to take home and colour the flame of one candle each week until Christmas comes!

You can find lots of activities for Advent, Christmas and so much more in my December Religion pack in my TpT store.

I made this Christmas Memory Game for our Games Centre.
You can download your copy for FREE by clicking the picture below.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to download!

If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click HERE.  
The original blank PowerPoint file has been uploaded onto Google Slides but the formatting has changed.

Enjoy the week!

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