May 2022

I can't believe it's already May!  Whoooo hoooo!  The last two months of the school year are my favourite!  We tend to spend a lot more time outdoors (even my lessons are brought outside!) and I love seeing how much my students have grown and matured over the year.

May 2-6, 2022
Here's what's coming up this week:

We will be learning a song in religion called The Butterfly Song.  It's such a beautiful song and we even sing it for our families during our Celebration of Learning next month (we are still waiting to hear what we can do this year from the board).

There are a few follow up activities you can do for this song, too!  You can find them in my 

The virtue for the month of May is responsibility.
We will be reading a teacher big book and discussing.  Each day the helper will be responsible for a number of things to do around the classroom (tuck in chairs, organize crayons, etc.)

Looking for more religion activities and lessons?  Check out my Religion - May pack in my TpT store.

In math, we will be starting with subtraction.
Here are a few of the activities and lessons we will be working on.

You can find all of these and so much more in my Subtraction in Kindergarten pack in my TpT store.

In our Writer's Workshop this week, we will be learning how to create (simple) instructions - a great introduction to procedural writing!
We chose a card and discussed how to do that activity in 4 steps.

Then I left the cards at the Writing Centre and students came up with their own ideas!

If you follow along with our Writer's Workshop weekly lessons, you can find this activity in my "I Can Write Pack 3" in my TpT store.

It's almost Mother's Day! Here's what we have been working on (fill in the blanks paper was downloaded by my colleague).

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

May 9-13, 2022
This week we have a very special delivery arriving...butterflies!
I can't wait to see the reaction from the children as we observe our new class pets!

Our flower shop is open for business!
The artificial flowers are from Dollarama and I cut them into individual flowers.
Here's a little tip - use empty tin cans (coffee/hot chocolate cans work best!), poke small holes in the plastic lid for each stem to fit through.

You can find my Flower Shop Dramatic Play pack in my TpT store if you'd like to see more!

In math, we will be continuing with subtraction. Here are a few lessons and activities we will be focusing on:

You can find all of these and so much more in my Subtraction in Kindergarten pack in my TpT store.

Our focus in writing is on making predictions.  I love the story Dr. DeSoto.  As we read, students make predictions as to what will happen next!

Here are a few of our provocations we set out!

Hidden sight words!
Shake the popcorn kernels around and find and write the hidden sight words inside!

Create an insect!
Use loose parts to create your own insect!

At our Science and Discovery Table, the students have been very interested in the plastic insects we left out.  We noticed them discussion and drawing their favourites!
We decided to extend this interest....stay tuned!

At our small world play table, we set up simple forest items.
Look how beautiful these wooden pieces are!  They just arrived from Rebecca (Moore to Love Learning Resources) and I can't wait to add them to this centre.

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

May 16-20, 2022
We have just about one month before we celebrate with our families the end of this beautiful school year (school doesn't officially end until the last day of June but we hold our celebration mid-June).
We have been busy planning for that day - all students have been learning songs to sing and students in Year 2 (SK) will have a special role in welcoming guests.  More on that day to come!

Last week we held our Welcome to Kindergarten event for new students joining us in September.  We set out activities and centres and interacted with the students as they visited our school for the first time.
Parents listened to a special power point presentation (this is the same one we use at our Curriculum Night/Open House in September).

You can click HERE to see more of the presentation we use.
A big thank you to Mrs. Linigari, a grade one teacher at our school, for making these beautiful balloon displays.

Each student also received a goodie bag filled with crayons, construction paper, play dough, and a name placemat for them to practice with their families over the summer months.
You can download this editable name placemat for FREE by clicking the link below.

Coming up in math this week (and next week) we will be learning about Canadian Coins.
Our students have lots of practice with coins throughout the year, as our Dramatic Centre usually has a cash register and plastic coins to play with.
Here are a few activities that we will be doing this week:

Click below to download these coin posters for FREE!

You can find these activities (along with 2 weeks of detailed lesson plans!) in my 

In religion, we will be discussing who we pray to God for.  We will be making these prayer wheels!

This is from my May Religion pack if you'd like to see more.

We will be starting digraphs in language this week.
I like to use these slides to help students understand!

These pocket chart cards are great for students to sort also!

In our Writer's Workshop lesson this week, we will be learning about what an inference is.
This is an activity I've come across many times online (not my original idea) but I've modified it for our kindergarten students.
"What's in my teacher's purse?" -> I added a variety of things in my purse for discussion (glasses, wallet, keys, gift card, water bottle, book, wallet).

You can find more about this lesson in my "I Can Write #3" pack in my TpT store.

This is a NEW game I just posted if you'd like to check it out!

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

May 23-27, 2022
It's the long weekend (Victoria Day) here in Canada which means only one thing...summer is coming! You may not be able to feel it in the air yet but we can definitely feel it at school!  
Everyone is super excited to count down the last month of school.

We have been studying insects over the past few weeks.
Students chose an insect to research and draw.  We co-created this beautiful mural in our hallway and will be presenting our findings to the other kindergarten class.

Our pet caterpillars have slowly made chrysalises and have now been transferred to their mesh homes.  We can't wait for them to emerge and then release them!

At our Science and Discovery Centre we will be adding snails!
We've seen a lot of them outside lately (and in my garden!) so next week this tank will house our new pets.

Our students love games! One of our provocations this week is this game...Sneaky Snake!
It's an old game but so much fun!
Roll the die, collect the matching snake piece and build your snake.  
How long is your snake? Who has the longest snake?

Another provocation we set out that is super simple but fun is this sight word one.
Choose a sight word card and build the word using the plastic tiles.
How many words can you read and build?

I have about 20 minutes at the end of the day most days which I set aside for a read aloud or game.
We've been playing different versions of this Cartesian Plane game since September and my students love it (this is the spring version)!
Here's how it works:
- choose a co-ordinate (letter and number)
- bring your fingers together to find the co-ordinate
- move the box and see if you can find a picture underneath

There are various levels included in this pack!

You can find this game HERE if you are interested.

In religion we will be making our own rosary using pipe cleaners and beads.
We will also be learning to pray the Hail Mary and watching a few videos about who Mary was.

You can find these activities in my May Religion Pack in my TpT store.

In our Writer's Workshop we will be continuing to inferences.
What is an inference? Let's look closely at some pictures and make inferences.
You can find more about this lesson in my "I Can Write #3" pack in my TpT store.

You can download my weekly plans for FREE by clicking the picture below.

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