{Extended} March Break Fun!

I've been a little quiet on social media (and haven't touched my blog at all these past couple of weeks!) because of everything that's going on around the world.  But here's how I feel - let's use this time we have to spend with our families at home and make the best of it!
I know keeping children entertained can be a bit challenging (I'm in the same boat!) so I plan on updating this blog post with ideas, activities, printables and more to hopefully offer you some much needed relief!

I know what you are thinking....my kids don't need anymore screen time!  True!
But there are times during the day/week that you can offer them (and you!) so down time.  I've listed websites that are just a few of our favourites in class!  Print this paper and keep it beside your computer/iPad.
NOTE:  Starfall may not work on an iPad unless you have a paid subscription but it is FREE on a desktop.

Activities Your Kinders will LOVE for March

March is here!  Already?!?  It feels like this school year is flying by!
Although March is a short month (and broken up because of March Break), there's still a lot of fun activities I've set up!

Since St. Patrick's Day will fall during our March Break and the students won't be in school, I set up some fun activities starting last week and will continue for next week.

I made a small sensory bin (filled with black beans) and placed letter cards inside.  Students can choose a card, find the matching letter on their mat and trace it.  Both uppercase and lowercase are included.