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With Remembrance Day around the corner, we started talking about what it means, the symbols, and how we can show acts of peace.

Each year our students are asked to create a poppy craft to present at the Remembrance Day service.  This year we tried making our own poppies out of tissue paper.  I prepped them ahead of time (see picture below) and helped students individually take the tissue paper apart and fluff them into flowers. 
They came out beautiful!

Each year I set out this invitation asking students to create a poppy using loose parts.  They created such beautiful ones!

This coming week we will start exploring measurement (length and height) but I wanted to expose students to capacity as we will be covering that soon too.  I coloured small tube pasta and filled the sensory bin.  Then I added measuring cups and spoons, bowls, and ladles and listened as their conversations were rich, discussing which bowl held more and which tool to use to fill it.

I discovered this letter construction set this past summer online and knew it would be fun to use in our class!  Students built letters and even their names!  
Students used my Letter Formation Cards to help them build a letter.

You can find this magnetic letter construction set on Amazon.

I didn't realize last week when I showed students the experiment of mixing baking soda and vinegar that it was going to be such a hit!  They kept asking to do it over!
So I set out this large bin and filled it daily with a variety of materials for the students to explore:  vinegar and baking soda, shaving cream, spoons, cups, and a turkey baster.
Yes, it was a bit messy but oh, what fun!

During our math block this past week, I introduced the coding board (which is just a sand box lid with a grid made from tape).  I printed these arrow cards from You Clever Monkey and we had a rich discussion about directionality.
 Then I gave students leftover Halloween stickers and had them use the stickers as "obstacles" to create their own code.
You can download a variety of these coding worksheets for FREE from my older blog post HERE.

I just created this game during the week to fit the season.  To play "Find It!" you print the cards (there are a variety included: numerals, tally marks, dice, editable sight words and more!), print the "leaf" card and hide it behind a word.  Students say the word and remove it.  If they find the leaf they win!
I marked this new game down to only $1 for the next few days on my TpT store.

I also set out this write the room activity.  My students love anything where they get to walk around with a clipboard and write!  So I choose the matching worksheet from this pack and had them search and write specific words so that they could read the sentence.
You can find this activity HERE if you are interested.

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