Weekly Wrap-Up -> May 20-24

This week we continued to learn about Canadian coins.  

Canadian Coins - Going Shopping
After reading this book, Going Shopping, we discussed how we use money to pay for items. 
We set up a play "store" on a table and had students choose an item to buy, look at the price tag and choose a coin(s) to pay for it.
Students then completed their own Going Shopping booklets where they had to cut and paste the corresponding coin.

Canadian Coins - Roll and Say
We played a game where students rolled the money dice and had to describe the coin they rolled 
(i.e. quarter and 25 cents)

You can find these activities (and so much more!) in my Canadian Coins in Kindergarten pack on TpT.

Magnetic Maze
We invited students to use Plasticine to create a maze.  With the magnetic wands, they could make their marble travel through the maze. 

Math Game
Students used a variety of math manipulatives to create their own math game.  We even added a timer to this provocation!

Stamping Sight Words
Using these alphabet stampers, students read and stamped sight words.

Exploring Capacity at the Sand Table
On this shelf near the sand table, students explored capacity.  They filled bottles and buckets of different sizes using measuring cups, spoons, etc.

Flower Shop Dramatic Play
Now that spring is here, and we are continuing with our Planting Inquiry, we set up a Flower Shop in our Dramatic Play Centre.

You can find this in my Flower Shop Dramatic Play pack on TpT.

Bingo Daubing Letters
In our fine motor group this week, we had students use bingo daubers to carefully daub the letters of the alphabet on this large poster.

Cartoon Bob Sketches
We will be celebrating our Year 2 students at our Growing Celebration in a few weeks.  We had Cartoon Bob come in to sketch the children, which we will display on the walls of the gym for our celebration.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to take a closer look:

You can download the Week-at-a-Glance PDF version{here}.  
If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click {here}.  
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