Weekly Wrap-Up -> Apr. 8-12

We set out lots of STEM activities (we call them STREAM at our school - Science Technology Religion Engineering Art Math) as we are getting ready to host a STREAM Expo at our school in just a few short weeks!  Stay tuned for more about that soon!

This is a MakeDo kit from Wintergreen Learning we got last year.  It's amazing and so easy for little hands to use independently!
It came with plastic screws and hooks, as well as a kid-friendly saw and screwdriver, which only work on cardboard.
Students took cardboard and used the screws to put them together and build!  It was a little challenging at first, but we learned to work together to cut the pieces.

Another kit from Wintergreen Learning is this water play STEM kit.  Students tried to create rafts for the people to float on.  They also used pipes to explore different ways water flows.

If you read my blog from last week, you will know that we set up a "Take Apart" Centre with an old laptop.  They children loved it so much, we found a few keyboards to take apart this week!

We introduced the word "STREAM" to the class and discussed how many of our provocations and centres are STREAM!  My good friend and Gr. 1 colleague Mrs. Linigari made these signs to us to use.

With the children working on fine motor, I asked them to use their fingers to take apart and then put back together these large nuts and bolts.  This is a fun way to practice strengthening those muscles!

We set up this provocation asking students to explore numbers and show all the different ways they can create a number.

We introduced addition this week.  My math unit are usually 2-weeks in length and so we will be continuing exploring these concepts in more depth next week.
We started the unit by playing "The Children on the Bus" game:  I placed 10 chairs on the carpet and called upon some people to get on the bus.  We discussed how many chairs were full and how many were empty.  
Students could "go fish" for 2 fish, record their numbers and add them!
 I love this book, If You Were a Plus Sign.  After reading it and introducing the "+" and "=" symbols, we took a closer look at 5- and 10-frames.  
If there are 2 red dots, how many yellow dots do you need to make 5?

 We also completed these cards.
 Using small plastic animals (these are from the Baby Animals TOOB set from Michaels), students rolled 2 dice and place that amount of animals in the cages.  Then they wrote the numbers below and added them!

You can find these addition activities, as well as a complete 10-day lesson plan layout, in my NEW Addition in Kindergarten pack on TpT.  
Click on the picture if you'd like to see more!

Many of you have been asking to see what my Long Range Plans look like.  My apologies for not posting them sooner!
Click on the download picture below if you would like a copy!

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to take a closer look:
You can download the Week-at-a-Glance PDF version{here}.  
If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click {here}.  
You will need Power Point to edit.
I used the following fonts if you wish to keep it the same (free to download):

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