Weekly Wrap-Up -> Feb. 25-Mar. 1...Carnaval de Quebec!

This past week our school celebrated Carnaval de Quebec (or Winter Carnival).
Our students took part in dancing, meeting Bonhomme, watching movies, listening to stories, and, of course, mask making!

We set up this provocation inviting them to decorate a mask!

Our Space Inquiry is still going strong.  Students are working on researching different planets and making them out of paper mache.  Here we set up white Plasticine and invited students to create the different phases of the moon.

Students also worked on using these Pentominoes (I found them in a Scholastic bonus catalogue years ago and just love these) to fill the mirror.  Pentominoes remind me of the game Tetris, which was one of my favourites growing up!

I made this activity years ago.  These are empty pop bottles (regular size not the extra large ones) and filled them with popcorn kernels.  I added small sight word cards inside and students could use these as a search and find.  They recorded all the words on their paper.

In our fine motor group this week, students punched the strips of construction paper using hole punchers and these punchers I found at the Dollar store a few years back.  It was a little challenging but a great way to help strengthen those muscles!

Can you make a pattern?  I left out a variety of loose parts (buttons, beads, bottle caps, ice cubes) and had students create different patterns since that is our focus in math these past few weeks.  They documented their learning by drawing and labeling their patterns.

At the pocket chart station, students sorted the pattern cards into 2 categories - pattern or not a pattern.

I left these pattern strips at the Math Centre for students to create different patterns.  Once I showed them that they could be turned into bracelets for themselves or to give to a friend, this centre was packed!

At the Light Table, students are continuing to explore patterns by using these templates I photocopied onto transparencies.

With our small groups, the RECE I work with focused on creating patterns by following a pattern rule (pattern core).  Students strung pony beads onto pipe cleaner flowers.

I worked with groups this week to complete a Pattern Book.  We posted all the pattern rules we learned about and students chose different ones to bingo daub into their booklet and write the rule below.

You can find these activities (and lots more!) in my new Patterning in Kindergarten unit on TpT.

We just had Family Day last week and with Lent starting next week, we focused on families at our Writing Centre this week.  I left out this paper encouraging students to draw and write about their families.  Next week we will be starting activities that focus on Lent and this is the perfect activity to get students thinking about ways they care and help out at home.

Download this writing template for free by clicking below.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to take a closer look:

You can download the Week-at-a-Glance PDF version{here}.  
If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click {here}.  
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