Weekly Wrap-Up -> Feb. 11-15 ... Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I posted a bunch of centres and provocations below that we had out this week to celebrate!

Can you create a pattern?
I've done this activity year after year, always tweaking it just a bit, because it's so popular!  Students were invited to string colourful beads onto a pipe cleaner heart and create a pattern.

Can you make a heart using loose parts?
Creating hearts using loose parts.

Valentine's Day Playdough Monsters
Using Playdough to create a Valentine's Day monster (or friend!).  We added googly eyes, strings of beads, pony beads, pipe cleaners and heart shaped cookie cutters.

Fair Share Treats
In our small groups for math, I worked with students on discussing what "fair share" means and relating this to numbers (even and odd numbers).  The students loved this so much that they began to record the numbers they explored onto a chart.

You can find this activity in my I {Heart} You - A Friendship Unit on TpT.

Valentine's Day Bingo
Students enjoyed playing this Valentine's Day Bingo game (from the Dollar Store a few years ago).

Heart Line Art
We discussed different types of lines recently and so I created this heart line art activity.  Students decorated each section of the heart using various lines (or other shapes they thought of) using permanent marker and then used water colour paint over top.

I love geoboards - they are always a hit with the students!  I added this paper (I just did a Google search online for a picture) to give students ideas on what to create or they could just explore using them!

Roll, Spin & Build
With our Math: Intervention group, we played this fun game - students roll the dot die, spin the spinner and build a chain counting out the links in whatever colour they roll.  This was great to reinforce subitizing, 1:1 correspondence, and measurement (length - whose chain in the longest, shortest, how much longer/shorter, etc.)

Colourful Mittens - Action Song
I've been singing this song from Year 1 of my teaching career.  I don't know who the original author of the song is (if you do please let me know as I would like to give credit to that person).  I created mittens in various colours by photocopying a blackline master of a mitten.  Students sat in a circle and I passed around the mittens.  As we sang the song, students who had that colour mitten stood up.  This is a great song to practice rhyming words!  
You can download this song (with both Canadian and American spelling) and the mitten blackline master by clicking below.

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