Weekly Wrap-Up -> Jan. 7-11 ... Winter Provocations

Happy new year!  We welcomed 2019 in a fun way!

Happy New Year Craft
I saw this idea for creating fireworks from Learning4Kids a few years ago and always wanted to try it!  I added a simple writing piece after brainstorming with the children some new year's resolutions.

I love this story, Shante Keys and the New Year's Peas, as it shares what traditions different cultures do for New Year's Eve.  I loved sharing that in our family we eat grapes on NYE!

Winter Graphing
Students surveyed their peers using various winter graphs.

Clap and Sort Syllables
Students clapped and sorted the winter words by syllable.

I see snowflakes....Math Book
Our Year 1 students worked on the "I See Snowflakes" book - where they traced the number and glued on that many snowflakes.

Winter Stories - Writing Centre
In small groups we introduced a variety of winter words and invited students to draw winter pictures using fun writing paper.  We also left out different paper at our Writing Centre to encourage daily independent writing.

Cover the Pictures
Students covered the pictures that matched the beginning sound.

Roll-and-Cover the Snowman
Roll the die and cover the matching numeral.

You can find all of the above activities (and lots more!) in my *NEW* pack ->

Can you tell a winter story?
Students used loose parts to create a winter story.  The 2 books you see in the background are amazing reads about animals in winter!

What is a magnet?
At our Science and Discovery Centre I set out this provocation to explore magnets.

What can you build?
We set out the Bristle Blocks for students to build and create.

Scoop-a-Bug Fine Motor Activity
For our fine motor activity this week I set out these Scoop-a-Bugs with tongs for students to pick up and sort.

Can you build a snowman?
The book Snowballs is one of my favourites and I've always been doing activities around it each year.  Students were encouraged to build a snowman using loose parts.

Comparing and Contrasting Books
We read the stories The Mitten and Move Over, Rover this week and used this Venn diagram to compare and contrast the texts.  I originally saw this idea years ago from Julie Lee.

Marbles, Spoons and Ramps - Sensory Bin
Before the break, our students spent much time building ramps at the block centre.  I wanted to continue with that interest so I set out marbles, spoons and these large cardboard pieces that work like ramps in our sensory bin.

Winter Action Dice
During the break I stumbled upon this fabulous freebie.  Students roll the die (I bought a 2-pack from Amazon) and roll-play.
You can download the dice for free from LifeOverC's blog.

Race to the Top
As a whole group, we played Race to the Top, where students roll the dice (those are the same pocket dice as the picture above from Amazon) and either add or take away that many counters.

Roll the dot die and build the snowman piece by piece.  I printed this activity on transparencies and left it out at the light table, although this would make a fun table-top activity too!
You can find the above activity in my Fun With Dice pack on TpT.

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to take a closer look:

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