Weekly Wrap-Up -> Dec. 10-14 ... Get Ready for Christmas!

Most of our centres and activities this week focus on Christmas.  As many of you know, I teach in a Catholic school and Christmas is my absolute FAVOURITE time of year!

Gingerbread Man Felt Board
I made this felt board set for the Gingerbread Man years ago (it was actually very easy!).  The students loved this book so much that we even found a short movie online one afternoon and watched it!  Next week we will be comparing various versions of the Gingerbread Man story.

Candy Cane Experiment
At our Science and Discovery Centre, Mrs. Petrone set up a candy cane experiment.  Students predicted and observed a candy cane dissolve in various liquids and recorded their results.

Beading a Pattern
We encouraged students to create a pattern with the beads.

Sight Word Christmas Tress
We found this activity on Pinterest and modified it - students could clip the lights (letters) onto the Christmas trees to spell sight words and record them on the paper.

Christmas Trace-a-Letter
We often put out salt trays for students to practice tracing their name, letters, sight words or numbers.  We printed letters on Christmas tree clip art for students to choose and practice tracing.

Alphabet Boxes - Fish
I got this alphabet matching boxed set from Wintergreen years ago.  Students choose a fish and match it to their mat.  We invited our students working on letter i.d./sounds to this activity.

Fine Motor Activity - Lacing Candy Pieces
My own children had a Candyland birthday party a few years back and I ordered these foam candy pieces from Oriental Express.  I had so many extra and they are just perfect for Christmas!  I intentionally prepared this for the students working on fine motor skills (small group) but so many others wanted to do it that we are prepping more for next week!

Sight Word Swat
It's a little hard to tell what this game is from the blurry picture (the kids were in an action shot!) but I laid out several sight words we are working on and gave each child a fly swatter.  I call out a word and have them swat it.

Colourful Presents - Pocket Chart
At our Pocket Chart centre this week, I left out this predictable text poem all about presents!  It focuses on the sight word "saw" and colour words.  Students match the colourful present with the sentence and can fill in the missing sight word on the recording sheet (clipped behind the pocket chart on the closet doors).

You can find this activity (and more like it for the whole year!) in my best-selling All Year Long Pocket Chart Fun pack on TpT.  Click on the picture below to learn more if you are interested.

Writing Cards
This is part of our Santa's Workshop (at the Dramatic Play Centre).  Students were eager to write cards to each other (and our classroom elf).  I also had parents donate blank Christmas cards for students to write to each other or their family.
You can click on the picture below if you would like to see more of this pack on TpT.

Directed Drawing - Bethlehem
I have some amazing teaching partners - the RECE from the class down the hall, Mrs. Caruso, showed us an activity she did years ago.  The students did a directed drawing of Bethlehem (this is how I explained it to them on the Bright Links board).  We aren't done yet...we are still working on watercolour painting them so stay tuned for finished pictures!  I will definitely be posting them on my Instagram account.

Roll-a-Number - Gingerbread Man Version!
We set this up for students to play as a small group game.  I have various FREEBIE printables available but I chose to use this one where students roll the dot die and cover up the matching number on the mat.  First person to completely cover the gingerbread man wins!

Here are my weekly plans if you'd like to take a closer look:

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