Weekly Wrap-Up -> Oct. 1-5

Happy Fall Y'all!
(So I was in Nashville this past weekend celebrating with close friends and I absolutely love the southern accent!)

But really, this week was all about the fall!  The students noticed how the leaves were starting to change colours that we spent much time outdoors.

Here are a few things we did:

I absolutely love this set of Rainbow Pebbles.  I got these a few years back from Wintergreen Learning (they came along with the cards).  The students can use the cards to design pictures but I also challenge them to make their own.

This was a simple number provocation set up for students to explore counting 1:1 and using 10-frames to show what they know about numbers.

Thanksgiving is this weekend here in Canada so this week we have been reading a lot of books and singing songs.  We set up this provocation asking students to draw/write about what they are thankful for.  It's hard to see in this photo, but we brainstormed with the children and then set up this provocation using their answers (I printed pictures from the computer with words to give them an idea).

This was a simple Thanksgiving card we had the students make to take home.  I photocopied the words "I am thankful for..." onto brown construction paper and we traced each student's hand.  They cut it out along with the leaves.  Then they wrote/drew what they were thankful for.
Isn't this one adorable?
"I am thankful for...family, Jesus, cake, teachers"

If you read my post from last week, you know that the children loved mixing colours to form various skin tones.  They really enjoyed trying to match their skin tone!  So we decided to extend this activity and have them draw their face and use the paint they mixed to colour it in.
When it's dry we will go back over top with the black permanent marker.
I'll post pictures of the finished products next week on my Instagram page!

Our students this year love science experiments.  They spend so much time at the Science/Discovery Table exploring the materials, asking questions, mixing colours, etc. so my RECE left 4 white carnations in coloured water all week long for the students to see what would happen.

A.S.:  Look!  It's going blue!
G.A.:  They are sucking the water and making them change.
M.P.:  They look so pretty now!

We introduced the concept of graphing this week by starting off very simple.  I'll try and do a post in the upcoming weeks explaining step-by-step exactly how we teach this unit in math.  I like introducing graphing after we spent time sorting because the two are so much related.  We start with a 2-column graph and discuss how we need to think of a question (i.e. Do you like strawberries or grapes?)  Then we have to choose only 1 answer.
To practice, I had the students use small manipulatives (erasers and jewels) and place them on our graph.  I wanted them to learn how to build a graph (in this case from the bottom up) and explain it (using the words most, least, same).
Next week we will think of more questions and survey our friends!  Stay tuned!

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Here are my weekly plans.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this weekend!

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