Weekly Wrap-Up -> Sept. 10-14

This week was all about establishing our daily routines.
We have routines that we follow for the week.  For example, every Monday morning, we start with our weekly poem on chart paper.  I read it to the students, pointing to each word as I go, and then I have the students chime in.  You can get your own copy of the poems I use each week in my 
Rhyme and Chime pack on TpT.

We also use "Lucy Letter" and "William Word" (fly swatters with cut out "mouths") - an idea I got years ago from my friend Kim Adsit from KinderGals.

I also introduce the provocations around the room.  We kept it simple still this week as we are learning how to use the materials properly and clean up after ourselves.

Can You Build It? - using Lego
Lego is always a huge hit so we left this open to see what our students could create!

Letter Formation Cards
These boards are one of my most favourite things ever!  They are called Buddha boards (I got mine from Chapters/Indigo bookstore) and you paint on them using water.  After a few minutes the water disappears!  I set these up each year for students to practice writing their name and printing letters.

After posting this picture on Instagram I have had many requests to download the letter formation cards.  I just uploaded them to TpT and added various sizes to the pack as these cards can be used in so many ways! 
You can download the cards by clicking on the picture below.

Felt Board - If You Take a Mouse to School
We read this story last week and the students loved it so I set out these felt board pieces for them to retell the story.

Science/Discovery Centre - Sunflower Inquiry
It was so nice to start the year with an inquiry all about sunflowers!  The students are loving these sunflowers just as much as I am.  We have been picking the seeds out of them, painting them and painting with them, and comparing them to other flowers I picked from my garden.

Write the Room - Back to School
We introduced our Write the Room centre - with words all pertaining to school!
The group I have this year (particularly the Year 2 students) LOVE to write so this was an instant hit!
I printed a few of the differentiated worksheets for them to choose.

You can find this activity here:
Only One You
I saw this activity on Primary Graffiti's Instagram and knew it would be perfect for our Religion Table!  This is one of my very favourite books as it encourages children to just be themselves.  After reading the story they each painted a rock (or "fish" like in the story) to resemble themselves.
We placed these altogether at our Religion Table.

Roll and Cover
We started some small groups this week and in my math group I introduced the game Roll and Cover.  It can be played in 2 ways.  Since we started with the concept of Number Sense I wanted to see if children were able to identify numerals and dots on the die.  Mrs. Petrone (DECE) worked with students on 1:1 correspondence by bringing them to the Math Centre and exploring some of the hands-on materials there.

*You can download this game for FREE by clicking below*

As I mentioned in the last few blog posts, I plan on making my Week-at-a-Glance plans available here for all of you to see and download.

You can download the above Week-at-a-Glance PDF version{here}.  
If you would like the editable version to modify this for your own class click {here}.

I used the following fonts if you wish to keep it the same (free to download):

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for your weekly recap! It is great to see and learn from. Quick question - I've hunted all over to learn more about Lucy Letter and William Word and I can't find any info about them. Would you mind explaining in more depth how they work? Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for your question - I will definitely explain how we use the pointers next week when I post my week-at-a-glance plans again.


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