Weekly Wrap Up ... May 21-25 -> Bugs galore, planting, build an ice cream (math game)

We Love Bugs!
The summer sure did feel like it was here this past week in our class!  We've been spending a lot of time outdoors, where, over the past few weeks, the students have taken such a keen interest in different bugs!  They especially loved the worms after the rainy few days we had.
To further explore their interest, we set up this provocation for the week to see where it would lead us!

The books you see in the pictures above are my absolute favourite for talking about insects!  They have so much information that's appropriate for kindergarten and I love how the students flip through the books themselves looking at all of the pictures!
We plan on continuing to explore bugs this week coming up - I'll post pictures of our new inquiry soon!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the latest pics of what's happening in our classroom.

We had some different beans and seeds out for the past couple of weeks for students to explore.  This week we planted them and labelled our containers.
Let's see what starts to grow!

Build an Ice Cream
I created this game last year in order for students to practice subitizing.  They can play alone or with a friend(s).  Each student rolls the die and starts building an ice cream by matching the piece.  There's a catch - you can only have one #1 (cherry on top) and one #6 (cone).  The person who builds the tallest ice cream wins!
You can find this in my Fun With Dice pack on TpT.

Guess Who?
One student who celebrated his birthday recently in our classroom donated this fun game.
I love putting out simple games that the students can play with each other - they learn about turn taking, winning/losing and waiting patiently for their turn to play!

Map Provocation
We noticed that the students have taken a keen interest in using the Bee Bot (coding bumble bee) recently.  They have been designing pathways for the Bee Bot to travel before programming it.
This provocation invited the students to continue to explore maps and create their own treasure map.

Pocket Chart Centre

I use my pocket chart in so many ways.  This week we had students match the butterfly to the sentence strip.  Then students could complete the worksheet by filling in the missing sight word and colour the pictures to match.
You can find this in my bestselling All Year Long - Pocket Chart Fun pack on TpT.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week to come!  We have lots ready to go for the week...insects, sight word activities and learning about Canadian coins!  Stay tuned!

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