Weekly Wrap-Up ... spring, birds and more ramps!

Our Spring Inquiry
My ECE and I thought it would be a great idea to set up a provocation at the Science and Discovery Table inviting the students to take a closer look at signs of spring.
And then there was SNOW!  Yes, snow, in spring.  So it was an interesting discussion!
We are planning on a Nature Walk tomorrow (hopefully it won't snow!) and begin to document signs of spring that the children notice.

The beginning of our Bird Inquiry
We noticed last week that the students spent much time discussing the birds that they noticed out the window. 
"The birds are coming back from down south!" A.D.
"I see a lot of Canada Geese!" N.M.-M.
So we set up this provocation asking students to tell us what they think they know about birds.
Since we use PicCollage so often to document student learning (as seen above) some students have taken time to learn how to use the app and document their own learning!

Weekly Poem - Rain
Our poem this week was all about rain.  Here is one student building the poem on the pocket chart.
You can find this activity in my Interactive Pocket Chart Poem Builder - Rain pack if you'd like to know more.

STEM Provocation
This is STEM provocation we also set up this week.  Our students have been using large blocks to create ramps for the cars for quite some time.  We just put out small Lego and I cut up a foam pool noodle to use as ramps.

The students absolutely LOVED this centre - so much, in fact, that they asked to keep it out for next week and if they could add more things like Popsicle sticks, corks and "things to keep the ramps up".

QR Codes in our Classroom - Rhyming and Listening Centre
This year our goal was to use technology more in our classroom.  One activity we set up was this QR Code - Rhyming words centre, where students scan the QR code using the free app.  A picture appears (such as "tree" below) and students have to check off or colour the rhyming picture (i.e. "bee").  

 You can find this activity {here} if you'd like to check it out.
Our students also were excited to see that we changed our Listening Centre to April books.  These are also all QR codes!
You can find this fun activity {here}:
I've had a LOT of questions about what exactly are QR Codes and how can students use them in the classroom.  
Blog post coming soon!!!

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