Weekly Wrap-Up...Dramatic Play update, Fairy Tales, Math Games, and sneak peek at Easter!

Our first week back from March Break was busy, busy, busy!
The students couldn't stop talking about what they did with their families over March Break.  Since many of them (myself included!) went out for breakfast together, we decided to turn our Dramatic Centre into a Breakfast Cafe!

(Blog post with more details on our Breakfast Cafe coming soon!)

Fairy Tales

We have also been reading a variety of fairy tales.  The children are learning about who are the characters, the setting, what the problem is, and how it is solved.  Next week we will continue to explore fairy tales but these stories will have different characters or a surprise ending.  Students can compare and contrast the different versions.

Can you create a math game?

We left out this provocation, inviting the students to create their own math games using these materials.  They came up with amazing games! 

Invisible Ink

One way to encourage students to practice reading and writing sight words is through hands-on play.  This activity invited the students to write an "invisible" sight word (using baking soda) and have a friend use "magic purple water" (concentrated grape juice) to make it appear.
To make the "invisible ink" we mixed equal parts water and baking soda and had students use a Q-tip to write the words on the paper.  And be sure to use grape concentrate (defrosted, right out of the can!).  It's amazing how it turns the paper blue!

Sneak Peek at Easter...

This week we are preparing all things Easter (as I teach in a Catholic school, this is one of the major holidays we celebrate).
Here's sneak peek at what we are making...
To make your own candle, have students draw and colour (with permanent markers) on a piece of tissue paper.  Then wrap the tissue paper around the candle with a piece of wax paper on top.  Use a hairdryer to melt the tissue onto the candle using the wax paper.  This takes several minutes as you want to be sure to go all around the candle.  Peel off the wax paper and discard.  Voila!

Blog post all about Easter (activities, cards, crafts and more!) coming very soon so you can prepare your week too!

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