Starting off the new year...with some NEW ideas!

Happy new year!
I hope that 2018 is off to a great start so far for all of you!

We are still off on Winter Break (going back to school on Monday) and it's given me a chance to prepare some new and fun activities for my students.  Take a look...

I'm excited to work on this bulletin board display next week!  Stay tuned - I will post a finished display on my Instagram account!

You can download this activity for FREE by clicking on the picture below.
I've also been working on a new centre.
Our students are introduced to a new poem each Monday and we review it several times during the week.  They are very familiar with it after just a few readings!
So I wanted to create a centre where they can build the poem - which strengthens reading skills, sight words, tracking print, and more!
You can click the picture to see more of this product.  I also made several more poems which are perfect for January if you would like to change this centre and use a poem a week (I have included 5 poems).
For more information on the poems we use in our class each week you can check out this resource (blog post coming soon!)
One of our favourite centres is Write the Room.  I have been using these for years and they never get old!  There are so many different worksheets for your students to use, from just copying words they find around the room to writing missing letters and matching words to pictures.  This activity makes for a quick and easy centre the first week back after the Winter Break!
(Click the pictures for more information!)

These are just a few more quick and ready-to-use centres to help ease you back after the break...

You can find these (and LOTS more!) in my

Here's another fun activity you might like to do with your students!
We used paper towel rolls to make the "fireworks" - simply cut slits at the end and dip them in paint for a splatter look.

You can download the writing paper UPDATED FOR 2024 by clicking the picture below.

I hope you have a fantastic 1st week back!  I would love to hear what you have planned with your students too!

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