Our Classroom 2017-2018

I am so excited to share our classroom learning space this year with all of you!
Truthfully, not much has changed in terms of layout (with the exception of a few shelves moved and/or added) but that can always change as we listen and respond to our students.
I think this is one of my favourite parts of the classroom.  It is used as both a quiet area to read and relax and also as a small world play area.  The carpet (purchased at Ikea years ago) is a great play space and lots of materials such as plastic plants, small wood blocks, plastic animals, etc. are used to play and create here.
This is our gathering area, and we also use this area for block building.
Our students love play dough!  We have a Playdough Club where parents sign up to make it each week so it can be replenished.  You can read more about that by clicking here.
Right now the play dough centre just has simple rolling pins but we often change it to include cookie cutters, loose parts and play dough activity mats.
Our children have self-regulated snack, meaning they can sit here at the "Bistro" tables and eat whenever they are hungry, which does take some used to in the beginning but they catch on quick!
We have a sandbox and a sensory bin (currently filled with beans).  The large wooden shelf holds sand materials (rocks, sticks, scoopers, jewels, etc.) and the wire rack holds sensory bin materials (although we are fine with the children using them for both areas!).
Here is our Science/Discovery area (including the wooden shelf in the background).  We started the year by placing some shells both Mrs. Petrone (ECE) and I collected on our trips down south this past summer.  I love starting the year with something personal as it makes for great conversation!
We added a large shelf next to our light table to house our materials.  In the beginning of the year, we set out only a few things to show the children how to play with them and clean them up properly. 
Our math centre is defined by this large math carpet where the students explore the many manipulatives we set out.
This is our Writing Centre along with the large wooden shelf that houses the materials in the background.  I am a big believer in promoting writing on a daily basis so that's why the two tables are so large.
Our Dramatic Centre is in the middle of room!   I have been doing it this way for years!  I love the fact that students can bring materials from other centres into drama and create amazing things!
There are a couple of tables in the room that we like to invite the children to join us for small group activities.
Here are a few examples of provocations that we set up in the classroom:
This idea is from Stimulating Learning with Rachel and you can download these mats here:
We start off the year by inviting children to explore early number concepts.
I created these mats for children to match the rocks, identify letters, find the letters in their name...there are so many possibilities!

You can download these ABC mats by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our classroom!  Lots more to come soon!  Stay tuned!

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