Show Me The Number! {Representing numerals to 10}

We work with numbers to 10 on a regular basis.  I like to expose my students to a variety of ways of representing each numeral - meaning that although many of them can count orally and find the numeral, I want them to understand that numbers can be shown in many ways!

We have our students sign in each morning in many different ways.  Here is an example of how you can use 10-frames - make small square pictures for each student and have him/her find their picture and place it on the 10-frame to "sign in".  
Note:  I have MANY MORE than 12 students (actually 29 in total - LOL)!  This was taken as an example.

We use dot plates on a regular basis as well.  These are simple to make.  All you need are paper plates and bingo dabbers (or markers).  Dot each plate to represent numerals 1-10.  I like to have the plates look similar to how numerals would look on a dot die for quick number recognition.

This game is a staple in our math centre.  It's called Domino Parking Lot and it is a free download from  You can download it here.  Just add dominoes!

Provocations, or invitations for learning, are activities set up that are meant to "provoke" children.  Math provocations are simple and easy to set up and I love how flexible the materials are so that the children can use them in many different ways!

Recently we added these math cards to the math centre.  Students could use them to represent numerals 1-10 in many different ways.

This student took nearly all afternoon concentrating so that she could explain her great thinking!

You can download these cards for FREE by clicking on the picture below.

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