Travelling Tuesday....Let's Go!

 Welcome to the first week of Travelling Tuesday!
I am so excited to be hosting with Anamaria Ralph, from Wonders in Kindergarten.
The two of us will be featuring a classroom blog each week that embraces emergent curriculum...
"Emergent curriculum can be defined as a cycle that involves:
- watching and listening to children with care;
- reflecting on and engaging in dialogue with others about what is happening; and
- responding thoughtfully in ways that support children's ideas, questions, and thinking."
(Susan Stacey, The Unscripted Classroom)
I thought it fitting to begin our weekly travels by introducing you to Anamaria Ralph, a kindergarten teacher in Toronto, and blog author at Wonders in Kindergarten.
I am immediately drawn to the classroom layout in Anamaria's class.
Her simple, yet inviting, open spaces allow for creativity and imagination to thrive.
This is a picture of her block centre...I love the mirrors mounted on the back of the shelf!
There are so many provocations set out throughout her classroom. 
This one is so inviting...what can you create using these loose parts and plasticene?
The sandbox can hold a world of imagination...just look at this incredible creation these students have made!
If you look closely, they thought of what they were going to create and sketched it as a plan.

Please Share an Insight...
"I've learned this year, in my 2nd year of FDK, it gets really busy, but pick a moment during the day to slow down and really take the time to listen to the children and the type of learning that is happening.  I found that by doing so, it has really supported my planning and allows me to further challenge their learning."
(Anamaria Ralph)
I know that there is a lot of learning taking place here...who wouldn't want to be a child in this classroom?
Be sure to visit Anamaria's blog, Wonders in Kindergarten, for more pictures!
Do you have a classroom that encompasses the same philosophies and beliefs about emergent curriculum as we do?
We would love to feature your blog/website for an upcoming Travelling Tuesday!
Please leave a comment below with a link to your site.
Thanks for travelling with us this week!

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  1. I am excited that you are starting this journey to other classrooms. Emergent curriculum is a dream not a reality for me in my teaching situation. I'm looking forward to seeing things I can incorporate into my classroom . . . a little at a time.


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