Finger weaving and sewing...with a special guest parent!

We are back at work from a relaxing and fun somewhat stressful March Break as we finally moved into our new house!
My week was go, go, GO!  But I am so happy to finally say we are settling in nicely at our new place (just don't count the 400 boxes I have yet to unpack!).
I am so lucky this year to have such supportive parents!
This past Monday we had a special guest parent, Mrs. P., spend the afternoon with the class teaching the students how to finger weave and sew using a needle and thread.
The students had so much fun (and so did I!).
Although it took some practice and patience, the students quickly caught on to finger weaving.
Using the needle and thread proved challenging also - it took complete concentration so we would not get pricked by the needle!
Thank you so much, Mrs. P., for sharing your skills and talents...the students have become so interested in these activities...I wonder what else they will create!

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