Hot Wheels as part of our Race Car Inquiry

I'm not going to lie...there is a LOT happening in our classroom right now that I don't know if my DECE and I can keep up!
Amazing things started happening last week and continue this week....
I received this amazing Hot Wheels Fundamentals Package just before the Christmas holidays.
When I brought it in to the classroom last week, the students absolutely loved it!
We introduced Hot Wheels last year too - and some incredible structures and creations started happening!
You can read about that post here.
Last week the students we noticed that the students were using the cars to race one another.
Some even experimented with building a straight track to keep their cars from going all over the place!
I went over to the children building the tracks and asked them if they had ever heard of the Honda Indy or Formula One.
Some of them said yes, or that their parents had attended a race before.
I showed them pictures of a few race tracks from these events.
The next day the students found these tracks left near the blocks and the Hot Wheels cars.
They immediately gravitated towards them and got to work building similar tracks!
I love how this student decided to work on her "Plan" before she started building her track!
Many students spent a good part of today building and constructing a race track for their cars.
They even added details like the checkered flags!
This launcher that came with the Hot Wheels Fundamentals Kit was very popular as the students used it to launch their cars and see how fast and far they would travel.
Some students quickly realized that by placing walls around the track the cars wouldn't keep falling off!
I love how this track has a sharp turn, just like some of the tracks that we examined!
Other students found creative ways to travel through the race course.
I love using open-ended toys in the classroom - it allows for students to use their imagination, create, explore, ask questions, experiment and so much more!
If you are a Kindergarten or Grade 1 teacher in Canada, you can sign up to receive your
FREE Hot Wheels Fundamentals Kit by clicking on the picture below.


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