Doctor's Office - Dramatic Play

We always have fun at the Dramatic Centre!
This centre starts off at the beginning of each school year as a "house centre" - I have real pots and pans, ceramic plates and bowls from Ikea, stainless steel cutlery, an old phone and many more items you would find in your own home!
As the school year progresses, however, the students often want to change this centre into a variety of things.
We have already had a Witches' Brew Centre and Santa's Workshop this year.
Last year, we turned it into Post Office, Grocery Store, Pizzeria and even an Ice Cream Parlour!
So last week there was a lot of buzz around students going to the doctor for a checkup (or being sick during the Winter Break!) that the children wanted to turn this centre into a Doctor's Office.
We started by examining and sorting out all of the medical supplies a doctor and nurse might need.
We discussed the role of a Pharmacist - and had a variety of 'medicine' at the pharmacy.
We left out a few books about visiting a doctor.
We are fortunate to have a day care centre attached to our school.  We asked the day care if we could borrow a cot and the children thought it would be a great idea to place tissue paper on top, just like in a real doctor's office.
I find that sometimes the students need a little more structure when it comes time to assume roles - everyone always wants to be the doctor and we never have enough patients!  So by choosing a name badge, students take turns playing different parts.
Here is the Reception Area - one student is the receptionist.  Patients must sign in first and then wait in the waiting room.  The receptionist also takes calls over the phone to book appointments.
We used different corners of the Dramatic Centre as exam rooms.  Here, the patients can get their eyes checked.  We also had this medical cart where the doctor and nurse can place all of their tools they need.
I printed in colour and laminated the Patient Medical Records so we could easily wipe them clean (and save paper!).  They are stored in this box for the doctors and nurses.  The receptionist hands these to them as a patient arrives.T
A few students created a large x-ray machine using an old box.  We found and printed x-ray photos online and glued them to the sides.  There are 2 openings on either end ... and of course we had to create x-rays themselves!
These were very easy to make!  I printed the x-ray photos we found online and the students labelled each one.  Then I photocopied them onto transparencies - I love that the students learned many parts of the body by having the pictures labelled!  Some students brought these x-rays to the light table to have a closer look!

Here are the students playing at the Doctor's Office.
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  1. So many great ideas where the kids were having FUN and learning!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. Wow! Interesting post. Kids enjoy Doctor's Office play in their kindergarten class and I like to appreciate Phoenix preschool innovative ideas. It helps children in developing and growing while learning innovative skills.

  3. Hi Alessia! I love how you create learning experiences for your students that help them have a whole world of experiences inside your classroom. Your blog is so much fun to read!


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