Christmas Capsules

When I went to Dollarama a few weeks back, I found a package of small capsules that expand into various foam Christmas items (such as reindeer, ornaments, stocking, etc.) once you apply warm water.
I thought that the students would really enjoy guessing what they could be, as well as watching the capsules grow, so I brought the pack into our classroom and set it up as a provocation at our Discovery Centre.

I added a paper with a clipboard to each capsule in the jar, entitled "What can it be?" for the students to record their predictions.
The students were so intrigued at this centre!
They began using magnifying glasses and examining the capsules in more detail.
They guessed what they could be and also how long the water would take to dissolve them.
One student had done an activity like this last Easter at home, and shared what he discovered, so he told the students how adding warm water would "melt" the capsule.

Many of the students spent a large part of the day making predictions and recording them on the papers.
We added warm water that afternoon and waited...and waited...and waited...
And then something started to happen....
One of the capsules started to come undone and reveal what was inside!

This was a wonderful activity (and so easy to prepare!) that had many of my students intrigued throughout the entire day!
I loved how the students were making predictions, discussing what or what not it might turn into, and how they all needed to be patient (which they were!) while we waited for our capsules to turn into Christmas items.


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