Our First Day!!!

Well we survived the first day...and it was amazing!
Today the Senior Kindergarten students came back to school, many of which were in my class last year.
(The Junior Kindergarten students start tomorrow and Thursday.)
It was great to see all of those faces, both old and new, and welcome them to our classroom.
It was a busy day as we made new friends, caught up with old ones, explored our classroom and had fun playing!
Here are a few of the things we did!
We practiced our names with the magnetic letters.
We made a first day crown to decorate.
We drew lots of pictures of summer memories!
Some students wanted to turn their summer memories into a book!
We did a lot of building on the carpet.
We had fun setting the table and playing at our Dramatic Centre.
Using our imagination with our doll house.
So many books in our class library that we had to stop and read some!
We explored seashells from Mrs. Albanese's and Mrs. Petrone's beach vacations.
Of course, we ate our snack at the snack table when we were hungry!
We practiced our names on the whiteboard so we could take our first day of school picture holding up our names.
I'm so excited to meet our new JK friends in the next couple of days.
Lots more learning ahead!

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  1. It's just the first day of school but it surely looks like ypu have pepared lots of activities for your students! I must say that's the way it's supposed to be to be able to assess them more and to allow them to explore the environment!


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