The Final Countdown to SUMMER!

I am literally singing the song "The Final Countdown" everyday (it's stuck in my head!)  because, yes, in just 3 short days my summer holidays will officially begin!
I am so looking forward to that!
It's been a fabulous year and I am so sad to say good-bye to my Senior Kindergarten students but, at the same time, I just love summer!
All of my students have grown and matured so much this year.
The Junior Kindergarten students will be in my class next year again for SK and I am looking forward to them being the leaders in the classroom for the little ones coming in. do we keep busy during the last week of school?
(I made this "drying rack" using a large branch and fishing wire with clothespins attached to the bottom for the students to hang their work above the Creative Table.)
By painting, of course!
Who doesn't love watercolours?!?!
We have also been experimenting with using natural materials (such as these translucent beads) on mirrors.
The children have also been creating with these small coloured tiles to make different patterns and pictures.
Next year, my goal is to use more found materials throughout the classroom.
My DECE and I decided to fill the sensory bin with lots and lots of soapy water and then we added yellow and blue food the children had a great time mixing the colours to make green!
Our creations using blocks are still going strong...this is a "project" that the students have been working on for over 2 weeks!
See the sign "Please STOP! We are still thinking..." -> it's not ready to be put away just yet!
(Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post all about preserving our work with a FREEBIE!)
Our Hot Wheels Inquiry is still going very strong...the students continue to experiment with the tracks by creating ramps, tunnels and targets.
And, of course, we have all been having so much fun taking turns and playing games with each other.
It's not about winning or losing, it's about having a good time!
What a great way to end a fabulous school year!
Happy {almost} summer everyone!

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