Happy (early) Easter!

We are in full Easter mode in our classroom this week!
The children are very interested in reading books and learning why we celebrate this special holiday.
We decided to try a new craft for Easter this year.
My colleague, Ms. Cerbino, showed us an Easter craft she did in the past and we all loved it and knew the children would too.
Best part is....the children did nearly all the work!
Start by laying out strips of lasagna pasta on a baking sheet.
I mixed up a variety of pastel colours of paint.
The students came to the Creative Table all day long and painted the pasta strips.  We had a nice variety by the end of the day!
They helped to add sparkles on top too.
The next day, once the pasta is dry, have the students break it into small pieces and place in a large container.
Each student got a cross made from white Bristol board.  They had to carefully glue the small pieces in place, forming a mosaic. 
All the students worked very hard on their art pieces and they all came out lovely!
I can't wait for tomorrow to continue our discussion around Easter...and who knows?  Maybe there will be a special delivery in our classroom from the Easter Bunny too!
I just had to post this picture I took with the amazing teacher-blogger, Kathy Griffin.
Kathy came to Toronto last week to present at the SDE conference.
I had the opportunity to meet her for dinner.  It was so nice spending the evening with another teacher who shares my passion for play-based kindergarten.
If you haven't visited Kathy's blog yet, you really should!
She has lots of amazing ideas!  You can click here to take you to Kathy's blog.

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  1. Alessia thank you for the shout out on your blog. And thank you for taking me to a fabulous restaurant in Toronto. I can't believe we talked that long! I really enjoyed our conversations and learning about your classroom. And yes, we are right in sync on play-based learning. Maybe I can come back next year and visit your room :) Now that would be AMAZING!


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