5 Little Snowmen - A Winter Poem {Freebie}

We have had so much snow here ... snow that won't go away because the temperature is absolutely FREEZING .... that I thought this post about snowmen to be quite fitting!
My students love the poem "5 Little Snowmen" and year after year we recite and act it out.  Well, I pulled out my January file over the Christmas break and realized that the props for this poem are really OLD and really UGLY!  The hats were made out of faded construction paper!
It was time to jazz this poem up!
I put the poem up on my Bright Links board and we all read it together.  Then we circled sight words, counted down from 5 and found rhyming words.  I choose 5 students to "wear" the funny hats and pretend they were the snowmen and, of course, one student to be the sun that melts them all away.  I think we must have acted this poem out about 10 times this afternoon!
You can click {HERE} to download your free copy.
Hopefully your students will have lots of fun acting it out too!
If you do download it, I'd love if you could leave me feedback! 


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