Dramatic Centre: It's McDonald's!

The Dramatic Centre is always such a hit in my class.  In the past, I used to refer to it as the "House Centre" but this year we have been changing it to so many different things that we just had to change that title.
The day after Halloween, I immediately take down my Halloween decorations - including the Monster Café which was happening over at the Dramatic Centre.  No, I am not the type to switch them out for Christmas ones (it is still WAY too early for me!) so I told the children we needed to come up with something new for our classroom centre.
One student said that she went to McDonald's for dinner the night before and wanted to turn it into McDonald's.  Well, it took about 4 seconds before the whole class chimed in and agreed!
So that was the beginning of our McDonald's.
We spent the first day or so looking online to see what the "M" in the McDonald's logo looked like and begin to work together to recreate it.  We brainstormed other things that we wanted at our McDonald's, such as a Drive-thru and speaker set, menus posted and a seating area.
Last weekend I took my own children to McDonald's for lunch (with the excuse that I had to start collecting real things for our Dramatic Centre, of course) I began to bring things in.  So did other students.  Before you know it, we had set up what felt like a real McDonald's in our classroom!
The students quickly realized that being organized is key....so they got straight to work.
Menus needed to be sorted.
Food needed to be organized.
Food items needed to be on display.
This week we are going to add a "car" (one of our large empty boxes the students will decorate) so that we can start "driving up" to our drive-thru entrance.
Tomorrow is MOVING DAY!  FINALLY!  After nearly 3 months, my brand-new, larger, much larger, classroom is ready for me to move in!  We hope that all will be ready and in order for the students to move in on Tuesday.
I think it's going to be a l-o-n-g day tomorrow so I'm off to bed.  Lots of pictures to come!


  1. This looks so fun! Love the creativity and teamwork! :)

  2. Good luck with the move! I love the way you involve your students in getting the center ready. It is also great to see dramatic play. As a grade one teacher I am happy to see kindergarten children learning through play.


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