Coin Posters FREEBIE!

Can you believe it's nearly May?
What?  Really?
Where did this school year go?!?!
We sat down this week to plan for next month and a big focus is on teaching coin names and values.
I created these coin posters to help my students remember them.
(I have included both US and Canadian coin posters in the download.)
The fabulous graphics are by Michelle from The 3AM Teacher.
Click on the picture to download your freebie!

The poems have been around FOREVER - I remember some of them from when I was in kindergarten!  They are by Anonymous as far as I know (my math teacher resource posted them that way but if there is an author please let me know!)
I wrote the two poems for the Canadian "Loonie" ($1) and "Toonie" ($2).
Hope you will find some use for these!


  1. Love these poems!!! Also I wanted to say thank you for the Dino ideas!!! We had a Dino day today and we did the digging for bones with cookie activity!!! My kids loved it!!!!!


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