Yum! Pancake Tuesday!

Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday) which is the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.  I work in a Catholic school and getting ready for Easter is a lot of fun!
So tomorrow we will be eating pancakes for morning snack.  Here's a cute activity we did today as we learned all about pancakes!

We read the book Pancakes! Pancakes! by Eric Carle and tried to remember all the steps the boy took so that he could finally eat his pancake!

Clip art by DJ Inkers

We read and acted out this poem (you can make up simple actions for it).
I have had this poem for YEARS (the author is Christina Rossetti) and it's always so much fun!

Click on the poem above to download your free poem to use tomorrow!

I had the students pair up and, using a beanbag as our "pancake", one friend tossed it into the air as the other friend tried to catch it (as we all said the poem out loud). 
They had so much fun!
(*Can you see the beanbag?  It's a little hard to tell in these pictures!)

If you like this poem, you can set it up on a pocket chart and have students rebuild it!
 You can download this activity for FREE by clicking on the picture below:
Hope you have a yummy day tomorrow!


  1. What an adorable poem! Thank you for the fun idea! Now, to figure out how to cook in my classroom! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  2. Love the poem. And I'm sure the kids loved the pancakes, too!

  3. the poem is by Christina Rosetti.

  4. Can I use this poem for my learning at home packet for the letter Pp this week? Tina


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