Updates galore!

Hi friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend (I sure did!).
I took my little ones to the Royal Ontario Museum today...boy, did they have fun!
I updated my Nutrition Unit and added a whole bunch more fun activities , including ready-to-print centers in black and white AND colour as well as a pocket chart activity.
It is now DOUBLE it's original size (yes, I just couldn't stop creating for this unit, I love it so much!)
We will be starting Nutrition this week (look for more pics to come).  Click on the picture above to take you to the unit.
Some of you may remember a similar product I had posted last year...well we had to take down all things Dr. Seuss.  So I revamped that Write the Room and included new clipart (which is now acceptible, phew!).  If you bought this Write the Room pack last year, please do not buy this one (they are very similar - this one is a cute circus theme - not Dr. Seuss - but you could definitely use it for Read Across America Day coming up soon!). 
I will be adding it to my Write the Room Complete Set so be sure to re-download that later on this week if you already purchased it.
Finally, I have been busy working on a couple of new units by special request...Out of this World Literacy and Math Activities (all about space) and Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Be sure to check them out too!  Click on the pictures above.
Tomorrow night....Techy Tuesday (and I have had some e-mail requests for a few things to post about...now to get started on my pics!).


  1. you are hot to trot! everything looks great!!! we enjoyed our day off too and now we don't have another break until march 25-29 for spring break-we are really wanting some snow here in good ole tennessee so send some our way!!!

  2. Since your post is about updates, I'm going to share one too.
    I already gave 4 star rating to your Penguin unit. Today we did the penguin measurement activity (pretty tall penguins) with number words. I teach prek kids (3-5 year olds) so this was our first number word activity. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have 10 frames with number, number words on ceiling - we checked with those to determine the correct number. After I helped them with the first one, once I showed the card and spelled the letters with them, kids were shouting out the numbers. Too COOL. Hope to see more like this in future packs!!


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