Let's learn about nutrition...and a giveaway!

This week our focus was on nutrition.
We actually talk about nutrition on a daily basis, as I'm sure most of you do.  The students are always excited to share what they have for snack or lunch (and make sure to tell me when they are eating a healthy item!).
We started the week by sorting plastic food into 2 groups: healthy and unhealthy.
(Sorry, forgot to take a pic!).
We talked about why some foods might fall under both....like cereal!
(I had one student say that he eats "junky" cereal only some mornings when his mom makes him! So funny!)
I then put out food cards that I made on my pocket chart for students to sort on their own.
We worked on these centres during our Literacy block.
Working on spelling CVC words - here's a little trick we do....hold up a finger for each sound you hear (I told them there are 3 sounds in each word here).
Since January, we have been focusing on the digraphs -th, -ch, and -sh.  These were easier for some students than others so it's definitely a skill we will keep working on! 
My littles are getting really good at reading a lot of sight words but I wanted to make sure they were able to spot the mistakes!  So in this activity, they are trying to unscramble the sight words (I had a chart nearby to check their answers.)
I can officially say that nearly all of my students have mastered their beginning sounds!  Yippee!  I loved it when my students showed me this activity today....I was so proud of all of them!
After talking about the Food Groups, we decided to plan a meal which would have foods not only from the food groups but also foods that were good for you (hence, no candy on the placemat for dinner!).
Then I had each student label their placemat.
You can find these activities and LOTS more in my *NEWLY REVISED (and doubled!)* Nutrition Literacy and Math Activities.
Coming up....Nutrition math centres and a fun pocket chart activity!
I would love it if you visited sweet friend, Tammy's, blog, Teaching FSL.
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  1. Your nutrition unit looks great!

  2. This unit looks great! My special education boys need to learn about nutrition! They think chips is a food group. :( thanks for sharing.

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  3. Nutrition post is fantastic.I will visit your other blogs too.
    Plastic Card

  4. I LOVE your nutrition unit! Shame we did that back in November, your unit would have been a great addition to our classroom!

    Fun in PreK-1


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