Winter Fun!

I am sooooo happy because it's a short week for me!  We have a PA Day on Friday to write report cards (which I should be doing now).  But I couldn't resist writing this little post to show you a little of our week so far....

 My kinders are getting really good at listening for that beginning sound.  This activity was fun for them...even though I threw in a few sounds that are harder (/y/ and /v/).

Since we've been back from the break, we have been working on rhyming words and word families.  This activity focuses on the word families -at, -ot and -it.  We also played a game where each student got a picture and had to find their partner who had the rhyming picture.

Practicing numbers to 10.  This was a quick and easy was to see which children knew their numbers (especially since reports are around the corner!)

All of my students love playing games and their favourite is when I take out my tweezers and stop watch.  So I created this for them.  They have to pick out the "snowballs" (the white pompoms only) and see how many they can catch in one minute.  They record their answers in a snowflake.

You can find all of these activities and LOTS more in my Fun with Frosty Unit.

I've been working around the clock lately to finish off some things I have planned for the next few weeks.
Up next week, our book study on The Mitten by Jan Brett.  And I just uploaded my newest mini-unit on Groundhog's Day (well, it started off as a mini-unit but I kept adding to it!).
Click on the pictures to take a peek.

Have a wonderful week (it's nearly done!).  I'm off to continue get started working on report cards.


  1. Love the rhyming partner game and the tweezers and pompoms game. Your kids learn a lot while having fun!! Thanks for the ideas. Renee

  2. I am sooo jelly! I wish we had a short week :( I love your word family activity! I'm going to have to check that unit out, my kids would love it!

  3. What a great looking unit! Love the snowballs and tweezer game, what great fine motor practice. You are so creative!

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