Mr. Groundhog is coming!!!

Graphic by From the Pond
This week sure did fly by!  Tomorrow is our last day and then we have a PA Day on Friday (again!).
Since it was such a short week, we wrapped up our unit on The Mitten and focused on Groundhog Day.  With Groundhog Day falling on a weekend this year, we had to change things up a bit.  Here are a few things we did in class.
We talked about the word "predicting" (or making a guess) and then we made our own little groundhog craft and used it to graph our predictions.  We will find out whether we were right next Monday morning when we come to school.
Also on Monday, we will be getting a "special delivery" from Wiarton Willy (our local groundhog) - a letter complete with a dirt mark on the front envelope to make it much more authentic!!!
(I just love the secretaries at my school - they help me turn everything into such fun times!)
Wiarton Willy will be sending us one of these letters - we just have to wait and see whether he sees his shadow or not!
The students were rolling the die and daubing the number they rolled.  First one to roll and daub all the numbers wins!  I had one student sit and play this game for nearly 25 minutes!  She just couldn't roll a 5 to finish! (And yet she was so content to keep on playing!)
I have some students who are so good at graphing that I had to get this centre out for them.
First, they make a prediction as to which letter they think they will spin the most of.  Then they spin the spinner 10 times and record their findings.  All I could hear was "Go S!" or "Go R!"  It was hilarious!
After reading the book The Substitute Groundhog, we choose which animal we think would make the best substitute.  Looks like this class almost all voted in favour of the penguin!
(Their reasoning was that penguins are good at hunting for fish so they must have great eyesight...which is a trait a substitute groundhog should have...hmmmm, interesting!).
You can find these activities in my Happy Groundhog Day mini unit.
So I'm packing up all things winter tomorrow since there is no school on Friday and will be in full Valentine's Day mode come Monday morning!  If you are looking for ideas for this "love"ly (mind the pun!) day then be sure to check out my Valentine's Day Literacy and Math Unit and my Valentine's Day Write the Room activity.
I have amazing friends in Blogland, you all know that already!  My sweet friend Erin is just getting started in the Blogging world and I would love it if you could check out her adorable blog!
Tell her I sent you!
Have a great Thursday!  Yippee!  It's nearly the weekend! 
Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day, of course!
(Here's to wishing that the groundhog doesn't see his shadow!)


  1. I think kids love penguins! Lots of great Groundhog ideas. Thanks.

  2. I am loving your Groundhog activities! It's great that you had a PA day to get ready for Valentine's Day. Mine is actually next Friday, so I'll do a bit of Valentine prep this week and then put the finishing touches up on Friday. I am so happy to have found your blog Alessia:)

  3. The groundhog graph is super stinkin' cute. LOVE! Thanks for the shout out. You are the best. :)



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