Dem Bones

Today was the last day for my student teacher, Ms. Pattara.  I'm so sad to see her go!
I have to tell you - it was a little hard at first letting go of the reins but she did a great job with the kids!  She wrapped up her teaching block by decorating our hallway for Halloween with this adroable craft.
This is the cute activity Ms. Pattara did with my class last Friday.
Here is Ms. Pattara reading the book Dem Bones by Bob Barner and acting out the story as she goes along.  The kids were really into it! 

She had the students get up and dance to the song Dem Bones.
You can click here to download the song above from You Tube.
Ms. Pattara brought in a life size paper skeleton.
The students discussed and then labelled the various parts of the body.
Then they got to work creating their very own skeleton.  Each piece of black construction paper had a white pencil crayon outline already on it of where the Q-tips were going to be glued on.  There were long and short Q-tips so the students had to figure out which ones went where.
Ms. Pattara gave each student a baggie already filled with pre-cut Q-tips, a skeleton head and a bow tie or bow (depending on if you are a boy or girl).
(Sorry - I cannot get this picture to turn in Blogger!)
The skeletons came out adorable!  The kids worked really hard on them!
How are you getting ready for Halloween?


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