Community Helpers and a {freebie!}

This was such a busy week!
We came back from March Break so it felt much l-o-n-g-e-r (or maybe because we really did do so much fun stuff!)

Our Community Helpers unit wrapped up this week.  Many of the centre activities came from Julie Lee's At Your Service unit.  It is fantastic!  Some of the activities I supplemented with my own ideas.

It's so important for the kids to know their phone number so here we are writing it and practicing using the phone to "call home".
We coloured these strips with things that chefs/bakers make and then turned them into chef hats by attaching a plastic bag (forgot to take a picture of the finished hat!).  It was so cute!

The students sorted words into Trash or Treasure.  This is from Julie Lee's unit.
This is my favourite centre...the kids were "doctors".  They are making a Doctor's Bag.  We have been practicing our last names and how doctors refer to themselves by their last names.  The kiddies wrote that on the front of the bag
(Dr. ____'s Bag)
This month we have also been focusing on counting by 10's.  Here is a little freebie you can use as one of your math centers.  Click on the picture to download.
Clip art by DJ Inkers.

I have had many people e-mail me asking if I could create a Write the Room center for Sight Words that could be used year round.  I'm on it!  I'm hoping to have it ready in a couple of weeks!


  1. We survived our first week back, too. But I was starting to worry we'd make it by mid-week. Oh my goodness - it felt like a full moon ALL week. I told my students they weren't allowed to have any more extended breaks because it takes too long to "get them back" ... but that would mean no breaks for me ... maybe I'd better rethink this ... ;)

    Runde's Room

    1. Soooo glad it's Saturday! Yippee! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Jen!

  2. Hi Alessia
    I love your blog so I just nominated you for a Top ten Award. Stop by and check it out.

  3. Thanks for all your CUTE freebies!
    love love love them!!!


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