Valentine's Day, Nutrition and a *freebie*!

Can you believe it's already Sunday afternoon?
Where did the weekend go?!?!
This week is sure to be fun, though, with Valentine's Day just around the corner. 
We are also going to be starting our Nutrition Unit.

Last week in our class we worked on a few Valentine's Day activities.

The kids opened up "mail" and had to identify the beginning sound on each picture.  They then coloured in the envelope to match and wrote the letter in the box.  They *loved* it!

Sorry - can't seem to turn this picture!
We had fun choosing a "Secret Friend" (by pulling a name out of a hat) and writing that person a message.  We have been brainstorming positive words to say about one another all week.  The students had to come up with their own words to fill in the blank on this tag (which we will use on Valentine's Day):
You are ___ and ___.
They did such a great job!
I love how this little girl wrote "great" and "kind".
Everyone was smiling all day - they loved hearing what their friends had to say!
These activities are from my Valentine's Day Literacy and Math Activities on TpT.  If you are looking for a few more last minute Valentine ideas, go check it out!  It's packed with LOTS of stuff!

I wish I had taken more pictures this week - but I found each day went by super quickly (we had lots to do and an assembly fundraiser kickoff on Friday afternoon).  I promise to take more pics this week. 
I will be sure to post our "Love Bug" card tomorrow.
Can you say cute, cute, cute!!!

I just finished my Nutrition Unit and posted it on TpT.
We are starting this unit tomorrow.  I plan on reading Gregory, the Terrible Eater and having the students sort out plastic food items into healthy and unhealthy groups.  Have you ever read that book?  It's really sweet - a goat likes eating healthy foods (instead of what goats are supposed to eat like tires and bags!).  
A favourite book in my class year after year!
Here is a little *freebie* for you!
It's from my Nutrition Unit.
This will be out at my Writing Centre this week for students to complete.  Hope you will be able to use it too!
Just click on the picture to download.
Happy & healthy eating, oh I mean teaching! 


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  2. I hope you expected them to write X on milk.


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