Shapes galore!

Phew!  Thank goodness the weekend is here.
It has been a busy week, even though it was only 4 days long (yesterday was a PA Day thankfully!).

Report cards are due at the end of the week, so guess what little old me is doing now...????  I'm sitting in front of this computer in my pj's (yes, still haven't showered) and decided I needed a much deserved break from those dreadful things. Hours in front of the computer is so DRAINING!  Well, unless you are blog hopping! HA!

Here's a little look at my week.
We continued our Penguin Unit by making these adorable penguin glyphs from Deanna Jump's Penguin Unit.
This was the highlight of my week...I asked one of my little sweeties to draw an "eye" on his fish.  This is what he drew! Adorable!
We are just about finished our unit on 2D shapes.  The students went on a shape hunt around the classroom and completed this activity sheet.
Click on the picture to download.
We really enjoyed singing this song (and my kinders are excellent at describing these four 2D shapes in detail thanks to this song!  I didn't write it by the way.  I've had it for years.)
This was a great tactile activity.  We made shapes using various things.  Seems easier said than done - nothing stuck to the paper so it ended up being a teacher activity more than a student activity.  I adapted it so that the kids used the pieces to build their shapes and described them to me and then I taped everything together.  Phew!  Glad that's over!
I had the students use geoboards to create shapes.  I was honestly thinking they wouldn't like doing this centre...boy, was I wrong!  Everyone wanted a turn using the boards!

I created a whole blog post all about how I teach 2-D Shapes HERE if you'd like to read about it!

Finally, I put out this cute activity all about more or less (great way to reinforce numbers which we have been learning about).  I found this online from another teacher blogger...I just can't remember who!  Please let me know if it was you so I can credit you!  So I just had to make this for myself...the kids loved it!
Enjoy your weekend!  Back to report card writing for me.  Next week it's all about winter fun with activities from my Winter Wonderland unit. 
You can view it by clicking on the picture.


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