Halloween is coming...

Okay, okay, I know Halloween is only really ONE (long and tiring) day (well, more night) and it's still over a month away, but in my class I spend just about all of October getting ready for this magical day.

I just uploaded my Halloween Literacy and Math Activities Unit on TpT.  It's full of fantastic and fun stuff!  In fact, the first person to leave a comment on this post (with your e-mail too, of course!) will WIN this awesome unit!  I think you'll love it!

Since I'm in such a great mood tonight (I actually have some energy, yah!) the second and third comments will also win...my Halloween Write the Room Student Activities which is really popular on TpT.

Since October will be here before we know it - really - it's in a week - I decided to get out my Halloween is Coming song which I start singing the beginning of the month with my students.  I usually sing it every day and they LOVE it!  It gets them so excited for Halloween.  I wanted to share my song card with you.  I put this card out at my Poems Centre and have the students use Wikki Sticks to circle letters or words that they know.  It's such a hit!

Click on the picture to download.

Happy teaching ... and an early Happy Halloween too!


Apple Fun!

We just started our Apple Unit this week and it is truly one of my favourites (the students love this unit too!).  I forgot to bring my camera to school today but I will take pictures later on this week and post them.

Here is a fun game called "Bobbing for Apples" that you can quickly make for your students.  It's a great way to review numbers to 20! 

Click on the picture to download.

You can find more fun games and activities in my

I've had lots of requests for my Telephone Log - you can click the picture below to download for free.


My first week!

Oh what a week!  I just love all of my students (I teach full day, alternate day kindergarten so I have 2 classes).  I haven't been in a classroom in over a year (yes, I loved every minute of my maternity leave) so I felt so overwhelmed (and tired!) the first few days back.  It's funny, though, that once I got in the swing of things it feels as though I never left!

I wanted to share with you a bulletin board that I put up outside my classroom.  It was an idea my BFF (and another kindergarten teacher!) Anna Aquino helped me create when I first started teaching.  Yes, these crayons are old but I do try to keep them in good shape!  They are made from water bottles.

So I do apologize for not keeping as up to date as I would like on my little blog but, as many of you know, the first week back is EXHAUSTING (and, yes, I went to bed at 9!).